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Stary Targ

Rural Commune in Pomerania Voivodeship

Rural Commune

The population of Stary Targ.

Stary TargRural Commune6,488
Pomorskie [Pomerania]Voivodeship2,276,176

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The population of the localities in Stary Targ.

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Name StatusCommunePopulation
BukowoVillageStary Targ292
Czerwony DwórSettlementStary Targ124
Dąbrówka MalborskaVillageStary Targ419
GintroSettlementStary Targ63
JodłówkaSettlementStary Targ85
JordankiVillageStary Targ98
JurkowiceVillageStary Targ345
KalwaVillageStary Targ223
KątkiVillageStary Targ68
KlecewoSettlementStary Targ78
ŁozaVillageStary Targ172
MleczewoSettlementStary Targ232
Nowy TargVillageStary Targ473
PozoliaSettlementStary Targ76
RamotyVillageStary Targ150
Stary DwórSettlementStary Targ136
Stary TargVillageStary Targ1,038
SzropyVillageStary Targ522
TrankwiceSettlementStary Targ144
Tropy SztumskieVillageStary Targ230
TuliceVillageStary Targ120
Waplewo WielkieSettlementStary Targ885
ZielonkiSettlementStary Targ515

Source: Główny Urząd Statystyczny, Warszawa (web).

Explanation: Villages are defined for statistical purposes. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.