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Zimbabwe: Harare

Contents: Wards

The population of the wards of the Province of Harare according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender).

Ward 1WardHarare Rural113,599
Ward 2WardHarare Urban37,024
Ward 3WardHarare Urban22,397
Ward 4WardHarare Urban15,027
Ward 5WardHarare Urban21,981
Ward 6WardHarare Urban21,257
Ward 7WardHarare Urban29,372
Ward 8WardHarare Urban20,785
Ward 9WardHarare Urban48,026
Ward 10WardHarare Urban22,042
Ward 11WardHarare Urban20,835
Ward 12WardHarare Urban22,324
Ward 13WardHarare Urban23,123
Ward 14WardHarare Urban30,517
Ward 15WardHarare Urban66,182
Ward 16WardHarare Urban46,598
Ward 17WardHarare Urban26,412
Ward 18WardHarare Urban32,789
Ward 19WardHarare Urban21,138
Ward 20WardHarare Urban24,145
Ward 21WardHarare Urban23,036
Ward 22WardHarare Urban44,612
Ward 23WardHarare Urban63,955
Ward 24WardHarare Urban29,488
Ward 25WardHarare Urban29,858
Ward 26WardHarare Urban36,275
Ward 27WardHarare Urban32,409
Ward 28WardHarare Urban27,419
Ward 29WardHarare Urban13,237
Ward 30WardHarare Urban53,508
Ward 31WardHarare Urban22,975
Ward 32WardHarare Urban37,210
Ward 33WardHarare Urban60,116
Ward 34WardHarare Urban18,532
Ward 35WardHarare Urban23,937
Ward 36WardHarare Urban12,993
Ward 37WardHarare Urban70,754
Ward 38WardHarare Urban34,466
Ward 39WardHarare Urban24,507
Ward 40WardHarare Urban45,317
Ward 41WardHarare Urban55,881
Ward 42WardHarare Urban45,344
Ward 43WardHarare Urban61,120
Ward 44WardHarare Urban26,926
Ward 45WardHarare Urban28,900
Ward 46WardHarare Urban10,482
Ward 1WardChitungwiza8,262
Ward 2WardChitungwiza11,169
Ward 3WardChitungwiza10,057
Ward 4WardChitungwiza27,560
Ward 5WardChitungwiza10,620
Ward 6WardChitungwiza17,339
Ward 7WardChitungwiza7,988
Ward 8WardChitungwiza10,119
Ward 9WardChitungwiza8,229
Ward 10WardChitungwiza8,788
Ward 11WardChitungwiza9,392
Ward 12WardChitungwiza15,129
Ward 13WardChitungwiza9,489
Ward 14WardChitungwiza15,484
Ward 15WardChitungwiza13,781
Ward 16WardChitungwiza14,730
Ward 17WardChitungwiza15,242
Ward 18WardChitungwiza19,717
Ward 19WardChitungwiza16,712
Ward 20WardChitungwiza11,308
Ward 21WardChitungwiza18,666
Ward 22WardChitungwiza15,187
Ward 23WardChitungwiza28,073
Ward 24WardChitungwiza20,697
Ward 25WardChitungwiza13,102
Ward 1WardEpworth31,537
Ward 2WardEpworth14,941
Ward 3WardEpworth16,020
Ward 4WardEpworth23,320
Ward 5WardEpworth16,273
Ward 6WardEpworth25,819
Ward 7WardEpworth39,552

Source: Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (web).

Explanation: Areas figures are computed by using geospatial data.