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Zimbabwe: Bulawayo

Contents: Wards

The population of the wards of the City of Bulawayo according to the last census.

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Ward 1WardBulawayo13,241
Ward 2WardBulawayo27,651
Ward 3WardBulawayo30,104
Ward 4WardBulawayo25,268
Ward 5WardBulawayo18,359
Ward 6WardBulawayo13,470
Ward 7WardBulawayo18,128
Ward 8WardBulawayo23,821
Ward 9WardBulawayo27,600
Ward 10WardBulawayo29,131
Ward 11WardBulawayo19,042
Ward 12WardBulawayo26,978
Ward 13WardBulawayo19,528
Ward 14WardBulawayo20,652
Ward 15WardBulawayo12,951
Ward 16WardBulawayo16,716
Ward 17WardBulawayo17,268
Ward 18WardBulawayo22,765
Ward 19WardBulawayo20,912
Ward 20WardBulawayo18,850
Ward 21WardBulawayo28,248
Ward 22WardBulawayo18,982
Ward 23WardBulawayo19,500
Ward 24WardBulawayo23,759
Ward 25WardBulawayo24,909
Ward 26WardBulawayo20,902
Ward 27WardBulawayo30,815
Ward 28WardBulawayo45,114
Ward 29WardBulawayo18,673

Source: Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (web).

Explanation: Areas figures are computed by using geospatial data.