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Bahamas: Central Bahamas


The population of the districts of the Central Bahamas.

Long IslandDistrict3,094
Rum CayDistrict99
San SalvadorDistrict940
Central BahamasArchipelagos4,133

Contents: Settlements and Islands

All populated settlements or islands of the Central Bahamas.

Name StatusDistrictPopulation
Alligator BaySettlementLong Island66
Berry'sSettlementLong Island40
Bonefish BaySettlementSan Salvador30
Buckley'sSettlementLong Island54
Buckley's HillSettlementLong Island25
Burnt GroundSettlementLong Island324
Cabbage Point (incl. Wood Hill & Fords)SettlementLong Island21
Carlton HillSettlementLong Island49
CartwrightSettlementLong Island109
Clarence TownSettlementLong Island86
Cockburn TownSettlementSan Salvador271
CombersSettlementLong Island24
Deadman's CaySettlementLong Island110
Dean's and Turtle CoveSettlementLong Island15
Doctor's CreekSettlementLong Island64
Dunmore (incl. Victoria Village)SettlementLong Island79
GlentonSettlementLong Island137
Gordon's (incl. Mortimer's)SettlementLong Island74
Gray'sSettlementLong Island37
Hall's LandingsSettlementSan Salvador21
HamiltonSettlementLong Island196
Long BaySettlementSan Salvador60
Lower Deadman's CaySettlementLong Island272
Mangrove BushSettlementLong Island142
McKann'sSettlementLong Island31
McKenzieSettlementLong Island43
McKenzie and Hard BargainSettlementLong Island21
Miley and LochabarSettlementLong Island33
Miller'sSettlementLong Island73
MillertonSettlementLong Island90
Morris' and Bain'sSettlementLong Island70
MorrisvilleSettlementLong Island25
New HopeSettlementLong Island76
North Victoria HillSettlementSan Salvador113
Old Gray's (incl. Anderson's)SettlementLong Island15
O'Neil'sSettlementLong Island64
PettysSettlementLong Island79
Pinder'sSettlementLong Island14
Port NelsonSettlementRum Cay99
Roses (incl. Taits)SettlementLong Island60
Salt PondSettlementLong Island98
Sandy PointSettlementSan Salvador56
Scrub Hill and BenzieSettlementLong Island51
Seymour (incl. Galliot Cay)SettlementLong Island81
Simm's (incl. Bos'n Hill and Scrub Hill)SettlementLong Island60
Stella MarisSettlementLong Island80
Steven'sSettlementLong Island31
Sugar LoafSettlementSan Salvador127
The Bight (Bower's)SettlementLong Island27
Thompson BaySettlementLong Island17
United EstatesSettlementSan Salvador262
White House (incl. Sam McKinnons and Wemyss)SettlementLong Island31

Source: Departments of Statistics of the Bahamas (web).
The population of districts is computed from settlement and island data; slight discrepancies may result.
The population of settlements may include the population of surrounding areas.