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Shāngshuĭ Xiàn

County in Zhōukŏu Shì (Hénán)


The population of Shāngshuĭ Xiàn.

Shāngshuĭ Xiàn商水县County940,792
Zhōukŏu Shì周口市Prefecture-level City8,953,793

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The population of the townships in Shāngshuĭ Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bācūn Zhèn巴村镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn41,152
Báisì Zhèn白寺镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn39,422
Chéngguān Xiāng城关乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn26,913
Dàwŭ Xiāng大武乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn38,017
Dèngchéng Zhèn邓城镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn49,066
Dōngchéng Jiēdào东城街道Urban SubdistrictShāngshuĭ Xiàn27,346
Gùqiáng Zhèn固墙镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn63,939
Hăogăng Zhèn郝岗镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn32,397
Huàhé Xiāng化河乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn34,903
Huángzhài Zhèn黄寨镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn49,037
Hújí Zhèn胡吉镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn40,243
Lăochéng Jiēdào老城街道Urban SubdistrictShāngshuĭ Xiàn20,815
Liànjí Zhèn练集镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn42,493
Píngdiàn Xiāng平店乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn40,167
Shāngshuĭxiàn Nóngchăng商水县农场Township-like AreaShāngshuĭ Xiàn5,580
Shūzhuāng Xiāng舒庄乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn28,014
Tāngzhuāng Xiāng汤庄乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn37,737
Tánzhuāng Zhèn谭庄镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn53,802
Wèijí Zhèn魏集镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn50,666
Xīnchéng Jiēdào新城街道Urban SubdistrictShāngshuĭ Xiàn36,982
Yáojí Zhèn姚集镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn53,486
Yuánlăo Xiāng袁老乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn42,061
Zhāngmíng Xiāng张明乡Rural TownshipShāngshuĭ Xiàn40,626
Zhāngzhuāng Zhèn张庄镇TownShāngshuĭ Xiàn45,928

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).