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Xuānhuà Qū

District in Zhāngjiākŏu Shì (Hébĕi)


The population of Xuānhuà Qū.

Xuānhuà Qū [incl. Xuānhuà Xiàn]宣化区District608,219
Zhāngjiākŏu Shì张家口市Prefecture-level City4,345,485

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The population of the townships in Xuānhuà Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chūnguāng Xiāng春光乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū11,752
Dàbĕijiē Jiēdào大北街街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū38,434
Gōngyèjiē Jiēdào工业街街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū28,159
Gùjiāyíng Zhèn顾家营镇TownXuānhuà Qū14,931
Guōcūn Zhèn崞村镇TownXuānhuà Qū15,397
Hézixī Xiāng河子西乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū19,806
Hòujiāmiào Xiāng侯家庙乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū13,567
Huángchéng Jiēdào皇城街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū28,956
Jiăjiāyíng Zhèn贾家营镇TownXuānhuà Qū20,447
Jiāngjiātún Xiāng江家屯乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū23,484
Jiànguójiē Jiēdào建国街街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū72,101
Lĭjiābăo Xiāng李家堡乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū7,716
Nándàjiē Jiēdào南大街街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū40,536
Nánguān Jiēdào南关街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū54,646
Pángjiābăo Zhèn庞家堡镇TownXuānhuà Qū20,911
Shālĭngzi Zhèn沙岭子镇TownXuānhuà Qū32,960
Shēnjĭng Zhèn深井镇TownXuānhuà Qū21,649
Tă'ércūn Xiāng塔儿村乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū7,048
Tiāntàisì Jiēdào天泰寺街道Urban SubdistrictXuānhuà Qū41,701
Wángjiāwān Xiāng王家湾乡Rural TownshipXuānhuà Qū3,151
Yánghénán Zhèn洋河南镇TownXuānhuà Qū38,922
Yáojiāfáng Zhèn姚家房镇TownXuānhuà Qū21,726
Zhàochuān Zhèn赵川镇TownXuānhuà Qū30,219

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.