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Fènghuáng Xiàn

County in Xiāngxī Prefecture (Húnán)


The population of Fènghuáng Xiàn.

Fènghuáng Xiàn凤凰县County346,814
Xiāngxī Tŭjiāzú Miáozú Zìzhìzhōu湘西土家族苗族自治州Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture2,549,558

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Fènghuáng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ālāyíng Zhèn阿拉营镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn24,504
Chátián Zhèn茶田镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn11,399
Cíyán Xiāng茨岩乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn9,794
Dūlĭ Xiāng都里乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn8,643
Gānzipíng Zhèn筸子坪镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn9,891
Guānzhuāng Xiāng官庄乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn8,446
Hékù Zhèn禾库镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn13,399
Jíxìn Zhèn吉信镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn20,299
Là'ĕrshān Zhèn腊尔山镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn16,364
Liănglín Xiāng两林乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn11,654
Liàojiāqiáo Zhèn廖家桥镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn17,804
Línfēng Xiāng林峰乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn8,871
Liŭbó Xiāng柳薄乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn7,353
Luòcháojĭng Zhèn落潮井镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn12,081
Máchōng Xiāng麻冲乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn8,454
Mĭliáng Xiāng米良乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn4,359
Mùjiāngpíng Zhèn木江坪镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn16,556
Mùlĭ Xiāng木里乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn9,600
Qiāngōngpíng Zhèn千工坪镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn11,822
Sāngŏngqiáo Xiāng三拱桥乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn12,141
Shānjiāng Zhèn山江镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn14,280
Shuĭdătián Xiāng水打田乡Rural TownshipFènghuáng Xiàn8,846
Tuójiāng Zhèn沱江镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn69,282
Xīnchăng Zhèn新场镇TownFènghuáng Xiàn10,972

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).