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Wénchéng Xiàn

County in Wēnzhōu Shì (Zhèjiāng)


The population of Wénchéng Xiàn.

Wénchéng Xiàn文成县County212,077
Wēnzhōu Shì温州市Prefecture-level City9,122,102

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Wénchéng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Băizhàngjì Zhèn百丈漈镇TownWénchéng Xiàn7,213
Dàxué Zhèn大峃镇TownWénchéng Xiàn54,236
Dōngxī Xiāng东溪乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn5,880
Èryuán Zhèn [→ Băizhàngjì Zhèn]二源镇TownWénchéng Xiàn6,784
Fù'ào Xiāng富岙乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn2,954
Gōngyáng Xiāng [→ Xuékŏu Zhèn]公阳乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn2,113
Guìshān Xiāng [→ Shānxī Zhèn]桂山乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn2,249
Huángliáo Xiāng黄寮乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn691
Huángtăn Zhèn黄坦镇TownWénchéng Xiàn10,879
Jīnlú Xiāng金炉乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,297
Jīnxīng Xiāng金星乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn2,295
Jīnyáng Xiāng金垟乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn2,551
Jùyŭ Zhèn巨屿镇TownWénchéng Xiàn10,858
Lĭnghòu Xiāng岭后乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn870
Lĭyáng Xiāng里阳乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,623
Lóngchuān Xiāng龙川乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn7,240
Nántián Zhèn南田镇TownWénchéng Xiàn15,411
Pínghé Xiāng [→ Xuékŏu Zhèn]平和乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn3,077
Shànglín Xiāng上林乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,849
Shānxī Zhèn珊溪镇TownWénchéng Xiàn18,361
Shíyáng Xiāng石垟乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,881
Shíyuán Xiāng十源乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn3,532
Shuāngguì Xiāng [→ Xuékŏu Zhèn]双桂乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn3,290
Xiàyáng Xiāng下垟乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn714
Xīkēng Shēzú Zhèn西坑畲族镇TownWénchéng Xiàn6,679
Xuékŏu Zhèn峃口镇TownWénchéng Xiàn2,351
Yăngshān Xiāng仰山乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,866
Yùhú Zhèn玉壶镇TownWénchéng Xiàn12,807
Yúnhú Xiāng云湖乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,004
Zhāngtái Xiāng樟台乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn6,928
Zhōurăng Zhèn [→ Dàxué Zhèn]周壤镇TownWénchéng Xiàn9,084
Zhōushān Shēzú Xiāng周山畲族乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,905
Zhūyă Xiāng朱雅乡Rural TownshipWénchéng Xiàn1,605

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).