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Suí Xiàn

County in Suízhōu Shì (Húbĕi)


The population of Suí Xiàn.

Suí Xiàn随县County787,730
Suízhōu Shì随州市Prefecture-level City2,162,222

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The population of the townships in Suí Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānjū Zhèn安居镇TownSuí Xiàn54,693
Căodiàn Zhèn草店镇TownSuí Xiàn24,053
Chánggăng Zhèn长岗镇TownSuí Xiàn16,960
Gāochéng Zhèn高城镇TownSuí Xiàn23,137
Hóngshān Zhèn洪山镇TownSuí Xiàn65,219
Huáihé Zhèn淮河镇TownSuí Xiàn24,327
Huántán Zhèn澴潭镇TownSuí Xiàn53,878
Jūnchuān Zhèn均川镇TownSuí Xiàn54,367
Lìshān Zhèn厉山镇TownSuí Xiàn60,825
Liŭlín Zhèn柳林镇TownSuí Xiàn21,229
Sānlĭgăng Zhèn三里岗镇TownSuí Xiàn37,188
Shàngshì Zhèn尚市镇TownSuí Xiàn42,169
Tángxiàn Zhèn唐县镇TownSuí Xiàn78,538
Wànfúdiàn Zhèn万福店镇TownSuí Xiàn25,879
Wànhé Zhèn万和镇TownSuí Xiàn59,487
Wúshān Zhèn吴山镇TownSuí Xiàn27,000
Xiăolín Zhèn小林镇TownSuí Xiàn27,664
Xīnjiē Zhèn新街镇TownSuí Xiàn36,106
Yīndiàn Zhèn殷店镇TownSuí Xiàn55,011

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).