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Míngshuĭ Xiàn

County in Suíhuà Shì (Hēilóngjiāng)


The population of Míngshuĭ Xiàn.

Míngshuĭ Xiàn明水县County320,695
Suíhuà Shì绥化市Prefecture-level City5,418,153

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The population of the townships in Míngshuĭ Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chóngdé Zhèn崇德镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn22,334
Fánróng Xiāng繁荣乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn14,068
Guāngróng Xiāng光荣乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn17,004
Guóyíngdì' Èr Liángzhǒng 国营第二良种Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn210
Guóyíngdì Sān Liángzhŏng 国营第三良种Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn95
Guóyíngdì Yī Liángzhŏng 国营第一良种Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn204
Guóyíng Línchăng国营林场Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn396
Míngshuĭ Zhèn明水镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn98,124
Míngshuĭ Zhŏngchù Chăng明水种畜场Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn643
Shuāngxīng Zhèn双兴镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn29,117
Shùrén Xiāng树人乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn13,948
Tōngdá Zhèn通达镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn29,835
Tōngquán Xiāng通泉乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn19,541
Xiànliánshè Măchăng县联社马场Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn100
Xīngrén Zhèn兴仁镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn16,915
Yŏngjiŭ Xiāng永久乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn16,463
Yŏngxīng Zhèn永兴镇TownMíngshuĭ Xiàn24,469
Yùlínchù Mùchăng育林畜牧场Township-like AreaMíngshuĭ Xiàn223
Yùlín Xiāng育林乡Rural TownshipMíngshuĭ Xiàn17,006

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).