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Jīnpíng Qū

District in Shàntóu Shì


The population of Jīnpíng Qū.

Jīnpíng Qū [incl. Gāolán Port Area]金平区District810,284
Shàntóu Shì汕头市Prefecture-level City5,389,328

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The population of the townships in Jīnpíng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dàhuá Jiēdào大华街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū71,471
Dōngfāng Jiēdào东方街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū67,818
Guānghuá Jiēdào [incl. Wūqiáo Jiēdào]光华街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū61,828
Guăngxià Jiēdào广厦街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū82,825
Jīndōng Jiēdào [incl. Jīnxià Jiēdào, Dōngdūn Jiēdào]金东街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū107,021
Jīnshā Jiēdào金砂街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū76,935
Qíshān Jiēdào岐山街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū27,991
Shípàotái Jiēdào石炮台街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū72,067
Tuójiāng Jiēdào鮀江街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū61,863
Tuólián Jiēdào鮀莲街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū51,720
Xiǎogōngyuán Jiēdào [incl. Tóngyì Jiēdào, Hăi'ān Jiēdào, Xīnfú Jiēdào, Yŏngxiáng Jiēdào]小公园街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū102,065
Yuèpŭ Jiēdào月浦街道Urban SubdistrictJīnpíng Qū26,680

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).