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Yóuxī Xiàn

County in Sānmíng Shì (Fújiàn)


The population of Yóuxī Xiàn.

Yóuxī Xiàn尤溪县County352,067
Sānmíng Shì三明市Prefecture-level City2,503,388

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The population of the townships in Yóuxī Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bănmiàn Zhèn坂面镇TownYóuxī Xiàn26,585
Bāzìqiáo Xiāng八字桥乡Rural TownshipYóuxī Xiàn8,983
Chéngguān Zhèn城关镇TownYóuxī Xiàn69,460
Guănqián Zhèn管前镇TownYóuxī Xiàn17,577
Liánhé Zhèn联合镇TownYóuxī Xiàn14,796
Méixiān Zhèn梅仙镇TownYóuxī Xiàn28,135
Táixī Xiāng台溪乡Rural TownshipYóuxī Xiàn23,829
Tāngchuān Xiāng汤川乡Rural TownshipYóuxī Xiàn11,402
Xībīn Zhèn西滨镇TownYóuxī Xiàn20,235
Xīchéng Zhèn西城镇TownYóuxī Xiàn42,258
Xīnyáng Zhèn新阳镇TownYóuxī Xiàn30,454
Xīwĕi Xiāng溪尾乡Rural TownshipYóuxī Xiàn9,523
Yángzhōng Zhèn洋中镇TownYóuxī Xiàn21,112
Yóuxīkŏu Zhèn尤溪口镇TownYóuxī Xiàn992
Zhōngxiān Xiāng中仙乡Rural TownshipYóuxī Xiàn26,726

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.