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Zīzhōng Xiàn

County in Nèijiāng Shì (Sìchuān)


The population of Zīzhōng Xiàn.

Zīzhōng Xiàn资中县County1,192,060
Nèijiāng Shì内江市Prefecture-level City3,702,847

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Zīzhōng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bănlìyā Zhèn板栗桠镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn24,050
Chénjiā Zhèn陈家镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn31,156
Chónglóng Zhèn重龙镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn83,177
Fālún Zhèn发轮镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn34,357
Gānlù Zhèn甘露镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn18,826
Gāolóu Zhèn高楼镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn35,958
Gōngmín Zhèn公民镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn47,676
Guīdé Zhèn归德镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn28,965
Jīnlĭjĭng Zhèn金李井镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn23,396
Liúmă Zhèn骝马镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn26,687
Lóngjiāng Zhèn龙江镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn45,759
Lóngjié Zhèn龙结镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn37,210
Lóngshān Zhèn龙山镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn15,576
Luóquán Zhèn罗泉镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn30,994
Mă'ān Zhèn马鞍镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn27,402
Mèngtáng Zhèn孟塘镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn45,528
Míngxīnsì Zhèn明心寺镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn28,506
Pèilóng Zhèn配龙镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn24,594
Qiúxī Zhèn球溪镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn48,666
Shīzi Zhèn狮子镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn35,380
Shuānghé Zhèn双河镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn31,080
Shuānglóng Zhèn双龙镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn48,973
Shuĭnán Zhèn水南镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn101,280
Shùnhéchăng Zhèn顺河场镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn17,361
Sòngjiā Zhèn宋家镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn24,453
Sūjiāwān Zhèn苏家湾镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn32,630
Tàipíng Zhèn太平镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn40,225
Tiĕfó Zhèn铁佛镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn30,044
Xīnglóngjiē Zhèn兴隆街镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn20,748
Xīnqiáo Zhèn新桥镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn25,055
Yínshān Zhèn银山镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn58,094
Yúxī Zhèn鱼溪镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn41,050
Zŏumă Zhèn走马镇TownZīzhōng Xiàn27,204

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).