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Gānluò Xiàn

County in Liángshān Prefectur (Sìchuān)


The population of Gānluò Xiàn.

Gānluò Xiàn甘洛县County195,100
Liángshān Yízú Zìzhìzhōu凉山彝族自治州Yi Autonomous Prefecture4,532,809

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The population of the townships in Gānluò Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ā'ĕr Xiāng阿尔乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn9,807
Āgā Xiāng阿嘎乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn3,621
Āzījué Xiāng阿兹觉乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn3,465
Bōbō Xiāng波波乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn1,575
Gārì Xiāng嘎日乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn7,697
Hăitáng Zhèn海棠镇TownGānluò Xiàn4,036
Hēimă Xiāng黑马乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn4,467
Jímĭ Zhèn吉米镇TownGānluò Xiàn4,995
Lāmò Xiāng拉莫乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn1,785
Liănghé Xiāng两河乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn1,669
Liăopíng Xiāng蓼坪乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn3,687
Lĭkè Xiāng里克乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn5,304
Ní'ĕrjué Xiāng尼尔觉乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn4,617
Píngbà Xiāng坪坝乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn3,312
Pŭchāng Zhèn普昌镇TownGānluò Xiàn13,863
Qiánjìn Xiāng前进乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn6,102
Shādài Xiāng沙岱乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn2,685
Shènglì Xiāng胜利乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn5,187
Shíhăi Xiāng石海乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn8,036
Sījué Zhèn斯觉镇TownGānluò Xiàn5,912
Sūxióng Zhèn苏雄镇TownGānluò Xiàn3,815
Tiánbà Zhèn田坝镇TownGānluò Xiàn15,643
Tuánjié Xiāng团结乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn5,499
Wūshĭdàqiáo Zhèn乌史大桥镇TownGānluò Xiàn3,641
Xīnchá Xiāng新茶乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn2,601
Xīnshìbà Zhèn新市坝镇TownGānluò Xiàn52,671
Yùtián Zhèn玉田镇TownGānluò Xiàn6,404
Zélā Xiāng则拉乡Rural TownshipGānluò Xiàn3,004

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).