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Xĭdé Xiàn

County in Liángshān Prefectur (Sìchuān)


The population of Xĭdé Xiàn.

Xĭdé Xiàn喜德县County158,509
Liángshān Yízú Zìzhìzhōu凉山彝族自治州Yi Autonomous Prefecture4,532,809

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The population of the townships in Xĭdé Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bājiŭ Xiāng巴久乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn4,155
Bĕishān Xiāng北山乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn4,745
Bóluòlādá Xiāng博洛拉达乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn2,212
Éní Xiāng额尼乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn2,327
Guāngmíng Zhèn光明镇TownXĭdé Xiàn25,119
Hèbōluò Xiāng贺波洛乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn9,375
Hóngmò Zhèn红莫镇TownXĭdé Xiàn10,951
Lākè Xiāng拉克乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn8,667
Lèwŭ Xiāng乐武乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn5,661
Liănghékŏu Zhèn两河口镇TownXĭdé Xiàn11,008
Lĭzi Xiāng李子乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn9,626
Lŭjī Xiāng鲁基乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn9,906
Luòhā Zhèn洛哈镇TownXĭdé Xiàn4,646
Luòmò Xiāng洛莫乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn2,755
Miănshān Zhèn冕山镇TownXĭdé Xiàn14,596
Mĭshì Zhèn米市镇TownXĭdé Xiàn6,338
Níbō Zhèn尼波镇TownXĭdé Xiàn7,131
Qiĕtuō Xiāng且拖乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn4,003
Rèkēyīdá Xiāng热柯依达乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn2,020
Shāmălādá Xiāng沙马拉达乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn4,669
Xīhé Xiāng西河乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn2,120
Yīluò Xiāng依洛乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn3,288
Zéyuē Xiāng则约乡Rural TownshipXĭdé Xiàn3,191

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).