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Shìzhōng Qū

District in Lèshān Shì (Sìchuān)


The population of Shìzhōng Qū.

Shìzhōng Qū市中区District662,814
Lèshān Shì乐山市Prefecture-level City3,235,759

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Shìzhōng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Āngŭ Zhèn安谷镇TownShìzhōng Qū26,791
Báimă Zhèn白马镇TownShìzhōng Qū7,702
Bǎiyáng Jiēdào柏杨街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū98,395
Bóshuĭ Jiēdào泊水街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū56,222
Chēzi Zhèn车子镇TownShìzhōng Qū13,284
Dàfó Jiēdào大佛街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū12,085
Guānmiào Xiāng关庙乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū9,210
Jiànfēng Zhèn剑峰镇TownShìzhōng Qū11,181
Jiŭfēng Zhèn九峰镇TownShìzhōng Qū14,942
Jiŭlóng Xiāng九龙乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū3,485
Língyún Xiāng凌云乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū10,492
Línjiāng Zhèn临江镇TownShìzhōng Qū6,968
Luóhàn Zhèn罗汉镇TownShìzhōng Qū10,967
Máoqiáo Zhèn茅桥镇TownShìzhōng Qū12,388
Miánzhú Zhèn棉竹镇TownShìzhōng Qū12,809
Móuzi Zhèn牟子镇TownShìzhōng Qū22,947
Píngxīng Zhèn平兴镇TownShìzhōng Qū8,490
Pŭrén Xiāng普仁乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū3,244
Qīngpíng Zhèn青平镇TownShìzhōng Qū9,090
Quánfú Jiēdào全福街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū10,574
Shànghé Jiēdào [→ Hǎitáng Jiēdào]上河街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū35,449
Shílóng Xiāng石龙乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū6,557
Shuĭkŏu Zhèn水口镇TownShìzhōng Qū17,727
Sūjī Zhèn苏稽镇TownShìzhōng Qū37,777
Tōngjiāng Jiēdào通江街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū48,651
Tóngjiā Zhèn童家镇TownShìzhōng Qū10,675
Tŭzhŭ Zhèn土主镇TownShìzhōng Qū16,186
Xiàobà Jiēdào [→ Lǜxīn Jiēdào]肖坝街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū36,850
Yángwān Xiāng杨湾乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū15,274
Yíngyáng Xiāng迎阳乡Rural TownshipShìzhōng Qū5,275
Yuèlái Zhèn悦来镇TownShìzhōng Qū8,572
Zhānggōngqiáo Jiēdào张公桥街道Urban SubdistrictShìzhōng Qū62,555

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).