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Huái'ān Qū

District in Huái'ān Shì (Jiāngsū)


The population of Huái'ān Qū.

Huái'ān Qū淮安区District984,983
Huái'ān Shì淮安市Prefecture-level City4,801,662

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Huái'ān Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báimăhú Nóngchăng白马湖农场Township-like AreaHuái'ān Qū14,120
Bólĭ Zhèn [incl. Chóuqiáo Zhèn]博里镇TownHuái'ān Qū66,544
Chēqiáo Zhèn车桥镇TownHuái'ān Qū45,181
Fànjí Zhèn范集镇TownHuái'ān Qū25,625
Fùxīng Zhèn复兴镇TownHuái'ān Qū28,176
Huáichéng Jiēdào淮城街道Urban SubdistrictHuái'ān Qū220,084
Jīngkŏu Zhèn泾口镇TownHuái'ān Qū31,708
Línjí Zhèn林集镇TownHuái'ān Qū17,293
Liújūn Zhèn流均镇TownHuái'ān Qū39,832
Nánzhá Zhèn南闸镇TownHuái'ān Qū22,355
Píngqiáo Zhèn [incl. Shànghé Zhèn]平桥镇TownHuái'ān Qū48,874
Qīngōng Zhèn [incl. Sòngjí Xiāng]钦工镇TownHuái'ān Qū62,802
Sānbăo Zhèn漕运镇TownHuái'ān Qū26,033
Shānyáng Jiēdào [incl. Chéngdōng Xiāng, Jìqiáo Zhèn, Xíqiáo Zhèn]山阳街道Urban SubdistrictHuái'ān Qū105,995
Shīhé Zhèn [incl. Xīhé Zhèn]施河镇TownHuái'ān Qū55,125
Shítáng Zhèn [incl. Mădiàn Zhèn, Jiànhuái Xiāng]石塘镇TownHuái'ān Qū49,800
Shùnhé Zhèn顺河镇TownHuái'ān Qū38,009
Sūzuĭ Zhèn [incl. Jiāolíng Xiāng]苏嘴镇TownHuái'ān Qū55,210
Zhūqiáo Zhèn朱桥镇TownHuái'ān Qū32,217

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).