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Dōngyuán Xiàn

County in Héyuán Shì


The population of Dōngyuán Xiàn.

Dōngyuán Xiàn东源县County439,964
Héyuán Shì河源市Prefecture-level City2,950,195

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Dōngyuán Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bànjiāng Zhèn半江镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn5,685
Chuántáng Zhèn船塘镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn48,623
Dēngtă Zhèn灯塔镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn38,076
Huángcūn Zhèn黄村镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn34,478
Huángtián Zhèn黄田镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn15,351
Jiàntóu Zhèn涧头镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn15,201
Kānghé Zhèn康禾镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn16,488
Lánkŏu Zhèn蓝口镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn25,972
Liŭchéng Zhèn柳城镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn15,365
Luòhú Zhèn骆湖镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn16,192
Shàngguān Zhèn上莞镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn25,614
Shuāngjiāng Zhèn双江镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn14,750
Shùntiān Zhèn顺天镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn16,371
Xiāntáng Zhèn仙塘镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn65,491
Xīchăng Zhèn锡场镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn6,040
Xīngăng Zhèn新港镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn11,119
Xīnhuílóng Zhèn新回龙镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn3,633
Yètán Zhèn叶潭镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn20,764
Yìhé Zhèn义合镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn14,065
Zēngtián Zhèn曾田镇TownDōngyuán Xiàn16,100
Zhāngxī Xiāng漳溪乡Rural TownshipDōngyuán Xiàn14,586

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).