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Shuāngchéng Qū

District in Harbin (Hēilóngjiāng)


The population of Shuāngchéng Qū.

Shuāngchéng Qū双城区District825,634
Hā'ĕrbīn Shì [Harbin]哈尔滨市Sub-provincial City10,635,971

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The population of the townships in Shuāngchéng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dānchéng Zhèn单城镇TownShuāngchéng Qū20,410
Dōngguān Zhèn东官镇TownShuāngchéng Qū22,964
Gōngzhèng Jiēdào公正街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū21,683
Hándiàn Zhèn韩甸镇TownShuāngchéng Qū38,793
Jīnchéng Xiāng金城乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū22,657
Lánléng Jiēdào兰棱街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū39,044
Lèqún Mănzú Xiāng乐群满族乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū21,252
Liánxīng Zhèn联兴镇TownShuāngchéng Qū19,531
Línjiāng Xiāng临江乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū18,345
Nóngfēng Mănzú Xībózú Zhèn农丰满族锡伯族镇TownShuāngchéng Qū20,827
Qīnglĭng Mănzú Xiāng青岭满族乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū19,838
Shèngfēng Zhèn [Cháoyáng Xiāng]胜丰镇TownShuāngchéng Qū50,850
Shuāngchéng Jiēdào [Shuāngchéng Zhèn; incl. Chéngēn Jiēdào, Yǒngzhì Jiēdào, Yǒnghé Jiēdào]承旭街道TownShuāngchéng Qū40,701
Shuāngchéng Shì Jiēdào Guǎnwěihuì 双城市街道管委会Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū177,708
Shuĭquán Xiāng水泉乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū23,097
Tóngxīn Mănzú Xiāng同心满族乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū19,398
Wànlóng Xiāng万隆乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū38,147
Wŭjiā Jiēdào五家街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū37,895
Xīguān Zhèn [Tuánjié Mănzú Xiāng]西官镇TownShuāngchéng Qū33,780
Xìngfú Jiēdào幸福街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū18,144
Xìngshān Zhèn杏山镇TownShuāngchéng Qū28,843
Xīnxīng Jiēdào新兴街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū21,436
Xīqín Mănzú Xiāng希勤满族乡Rural TownshipShuāngchéng Qū19,132
Yŏngshèng Zhèn永胜镇TownShuāngchéng Qū17,363
Zhōujiā Jiēdào周家街道Urban SubdistrictShuāngchéng Qū33,796

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).