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Cháotiān Qū

District in Guăngyuán Shì (Sìchuān)


The population of Cháotiān Qū.

Cháotiān Qū朝天区District174,333
Guăngyuán Shì广元市Prefecture-level City2,484,122

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The population of the townships in Cháotiān Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bǎiyáng Xiāng柏杨乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū3,635
Cháotiān Zhèn朝天镇TownCháotiān Qū29,424
Chénjiā Xiāng陈家乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū5,109
Dàtān Zhèn大滩镇TownCháotiān Qū10,206
Liănghékŏu Zhèn两河口镇TownCháotiān Qū7,779
Lĭjiā Zhèn李家镇TownCháotiān Qū7,960
Línxī Xiāng临溪乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū5,609
Máliŭ Xiāng麻柳乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū6,278
Píngxī Xiāng平溪乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū4,584
Pújiā Xiāng蒲家乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū3,745
Shāhé Zhèn沙河镇TownCháotiān Qū6,917
Shuǐmógōu Zhèn [incl. Qīnglín Xiāng, Măjiābà Xiāng]水磨沟镇TownCháotiān Qū6,103
Wāngjiā Xiāng汪家乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū5,898
Wén'ān Xiāng文安乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū4,131
Xiăo'ān Xiāng小安乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū3,355
Xībĕi Xiāng西北乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū4,087
Xuānhé Zhèn宣河镇TownCháotiān Qū7,858
Yángmù Zhèn羊木镇TownCháotiān Qū13,348
Yúdòng Xiāng鱼洞乡Rural TownshipCháotiān Qū4,304
Yúnwùshān Zhèn [incl. Dōngxīhé Xiāng, Huāshí Xiāng]云雾山镇TownCháotiān Qū10,931
Zēngjiā Zhèn曾家镇TownCháotiān Qū8,996
Zhōngzi Zhèn中子镇TownCháotiān Qū9,152
Zhuăndòu Zhèn转斗镇TownCháotiān Qū4,924

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).