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Fŭsōng Xiàn

County in Báishān Shì (Jílín)


The population of Fŭsōng Xiàn.

Fŭsōng Xiàn [incl. Zhǎngbáishān (parts)]抚松县County297,960
Báishān Shì白山市Prefecture-level City1,296,127

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The population of the townships in Fŭsōng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕigăng Zhèn北岗镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn11,406
Chángbáishān Băohù Kāifāqū Chínán Qū 长白山保护开发区池南区TownFŭsōng Xiàn2,054
Chángbáishān Băohù Kāifāqū Chíxī Qū 长白山保护开发区池西区TownFŭsōng Xiàn14,898
Chōushuĭ Xiāng抽水乡Rural TownshipFŭsōng Xiàn3,467
Dōnggăng Zhèn东岗镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn8,989
Fŭsōng Zhèn抚松镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn59,494
Lùshuĭhé Zhèn露水河镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn38,397
Mànjiāng Zhèn漫江镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn2,007
Quányáng Zhèn泉阳镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn35,106
Sōngjiānghé Zhèn松江河镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn54,986
Wànliáng Zhèn万良镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn21,499
Xiānrénqiáo Zhèn仙人桥镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn13,830
Xīngcān Zhèn兴参镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn13,411
Xīnglóng Xiāng兴隆乡Rural TownshipFŭsōng Xiàn8,791
Xīntúnzi Zhèn新屯子镇TownFŭsōng Xiàn5,998
Yánjiāng Xiāng沿江乡Rural TownshipFŭsōng Xiàn3,627

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).