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Ānyáng Xiàn

County in Ānyáng Shì (Hénán)


The population of Ānyáng Xiàn.

Ānyáng Xiàn安阳县County818,615
Ānyáng Shì安阳市Prefecture-level City5,173,188

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The population of the townships in Ānyáng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānfēng Xiāng安丰乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn46,936
Báibì Zhèn白璧镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn65,892
Bĕiguō Xiāng北郭乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn40,252
Cuījiāqiáo Zhèn崔家桥镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn44,647
Dūlĭ Zhèn都里镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn18,809
Gāozhuāng Zhèn高庄镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn53,441
Hánlíng Zhèn韩陵镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn24,484
Hónghétún Xiāng洪河屯乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn33,121
Jiăngcūn Zhèn蒋村镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn38,397
Lĕikŏu Xiāng磊口乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn19,096
Lǚcūn Zhèn吕村镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn56,901
Lúnzhăng Zhèn伦掌镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn31,320
Qŭgōu Zhèn曲沟镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn57,240
Shuĭyĕ Zhèn水冶镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn87,029
Tóngyĕ Zhèn铜冶镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn35,378
Wădiàn Xiāng瓦店乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn37,882
Xīncūn Zhèn辛村镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn52,178
Xŭjiāgōu Xiāng许家沟乡Rural TownshipĀnyáng Xiàn35,545
Yŏnghé Zhèn永和镇TownĀnyáng Xiàn40,067

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).