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Cháhā'ĕr Yòuyì Zhōngqí

Banner in Inner Mongolia

Contents: Population

The population development of Cháhā'ĕr Yòuyì Zhōngqí as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

Cháhā'ĕr Yòuyì Zhōngqí [Chahar Right Middle Banner]Banner察哈尔右翼中旗167,203149,48386,108
Nèi mĕnggŭ [Inner Mongolia]Autonomous Region内蒙古自治区23,323,34724,706,29124,049,155

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web), Inner Mongolia Provincial Bureau of Statistics (web), Bureaus of Statistics in Inner Mongolia (web).

Explanation: Status and division as of 2020, as far as sufficient information is available. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (C 2020)
Urbanization (C 2020)
Age Groups (C 2020)
0-14 years6,812
15-64 years56,257
65+ years23,039
Age Distribution (C 2020)
0-9 years4,151
10-19 years4,842
20-29 years4,558
30-39 years7,320
40-49 years12,822
50-59 years19,089
60-69 years20,050
70-79 years9,738
80+ years3,538

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