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Hong Kong: Division

Contents: Council Districts and Constituency Areas

The population of the council districts and constituency areas according to the 2016 by-census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, ethnic group, usual language).

Central and WesternDistrict Council中西區243,266
BelcherConstituency Area寶翠21,151
Castle RoadConstituency Area衛城20,058
Centre StreetConstituency Area正街14,207
Chung WanConstituency Area中環12,501
Kennedy Town and Mount DavisConstituency Area堅摩17,204
Kwun LungConstituency Area觀龍15,517
Mid Levels EastConstituency Area半山東17,009
PeakConstituency Area山頂20,263
Sai WanConstituency Area西環14,517
Sai Ying PunConstituency Area西營盤14,418
Shek Tong TsuiConstituency Area石塘咀17,464
Sheung WanConstituency Area上環13,975
Tung WahConstituency Area東華11,834
UniversityConstituency Area大學18,032
Water StreetConstituency Area水街15,116
EasternDistrict Council東區555,034
A Kung NgamConstituency Area阿公岩18,475
Aldrich BayConstituency Area愛秩序灣17,453
Braemar HillConstituency Area寶馬山17,323
City GardenConstituency Area城市花園17,226
Fei TsuiConstituency Area翡翠14,941
Fortress HillConstituency Area炮台山16,347
Fort StreetConstituency Area堡壘16,229
Healthy VillageConstituency Area健康村13,546
Heng Fa ChuenConstituency Area杏花邨19,119
Hing ManConstituency Area興民14,605
Hing TungConstituency Area興東18,384
Kai HiuConstituency Area佳曉13,527
Kam PingConstituency Area錦屏16,976
King YeeConstituency Area景怡14,767
KornhillConstituency Area康怡15,412
Kornhill GardenConstituency Area康山13,970
Lei King WanConstituency Area鯉景灣21,788
Lok HongConstituency Area樂康11,667
Lower Yiu TungConstituency Area下耀東19,194
Mount ParkerConstituency Area柏架山13,409
Nam FungConstituency Area南豐14,363
ProvidentConstituency Area和富21,744
Quarry BayConstituency Area鰂魚涌13,205
Sai Wan HoConstituency Area西灣河20,161
ShaukeiwanConstituency Area筲箕灣13,405
Siu Sai WanConstituency Area小西灣13,032
Tai Koo Shing EastConstituency Area太古城東18,231
Tai Koo Shing WestConstituency Area太古城西18,331
TannerConstituency Area丹拿14,538
Tsui TakConstituency Area翠德12,827
Tsui WanConstituency Area翠灣12,329
Upper Yiu TungConstituency Area上耀東12,167
Wan TsuiConstituency Area環翠15,075
Yan LamConstituency Area欣藍16,537
Yue WanConstituency Area漁灣14,731
IslandsDistrict Council離島區156,801
Cheung Chau NorthConstituency Area長洲北9,213
Cheung Chau SouthConstituency Area長洲南11,743
Discovery BayConstituency Area愉景灣20,271
Lamma and Po ToiConstituency Area南丫及蒲台6,014
LantauConstituency Area大嶼山20,689
Peng Chau and Hei Ling ChauConstituency Area坪洲及喜靈洲6,487
Tung Chung NorthConstituency Area東涌北24,942
Tung Chung SouthConstituency Area東涌南20,169
Yat Tung Estate NorthConstituency Area逸東邨北20,108
Yat Tung Estate SouthConstituency Area逸東邨南17,165
Kowloon CityDistrict Council九龍城區418,732
Hoi ShamConstituency Area海心15,652
Hok Yuen Laguna VerdeConstituency Area鶴園海逸19,490
Ho Man TinConstituency Area何文田20,591
Hung HomConstituency Area紅磡14,235
Hung Hom BayConstituency Area紅磡灣18,933
KadoorieConstituency Area嘉道理18,660
Kai Tak NorthConstituency Area啟德北16,141
Kai Tak SouthConstituency Area啟德南14,913
Ka WaiConstituency Area家維19,597
Kowloon TongConstituency Area九龍塘21,228
Lok ManConstituency Area樂民15,881
Lung ShingConstituency Area龍城15,268
Ma Hang ChungConstituency Area馬坑涌20,493
Ma Tau KokConstituency Area馬頭角15,489
Ma Tau WaiConstituency Area馬頭圍20,024
Oi ChunConstituency Area愛俊13,386
Oi ManConstituency Area愛民14,635
PrinceConstituency Area太子16,068
Sheung LokConstituency Area常樂15,311
Sung Wong ToiConstituency Area宋皇臺22,251
To Kwa Wan NorthConstituency Area土瓜灣北15,691
To Kwa Wan SouthConstituency Area土瓜灣南14,837
Whampoa EastConstituency Area黃埔東17,762
Whampoa WestConstituency Area黃埔西22,196
Kwai TsingDistrict Council葵青區520,572
Cheung ChingConstituency Area長青18,663
Cheung HangConstituency Area長亨13,968
Cheung HongConstituency Area長康14,091
Cheung OnConstituency Area長安12,911
Ching FatConstituency Area青發17,661
Cho YiuConstituency Area祖堯16,082
GreenfieldConstituency Area翠怡18,194
Hing FongConstituency Area興芳24,334
Kwai Chung Estate NorthConstituency Area葵涌邨北20,378
Kwai Chung Estate SouthConstituency Area葵涌邨南21,729
Kwai FongConstituency Area葵芳18,492
Kwai HingConstituency Area葵興18,005
Kwai Shing East EstateConstituency Area葵盛東邨20,013
Kwai Shing West EstateConstituency Area葵盛西邨17,804
Lai KingConstituency Area荔景13,985
Lai WahConstituency Area荔華16,187
Lower Tai Wo HauConstituency Area下大窩口13,461
On HoConstituency Area安灝20,605
On YamConstituency Area安蔭16,327
Shek Lei NorthConstituency Area石籬北22,586
Shek Lei SouthConstituency Area石籬南20,068
Shek YamConstituency Area石蔭22,396
Shing HongConstituency Area盛康15,923
Tai Pak TinConstituency Area大白田23,783
Tsing Yi EstateConstituency Area青衣邨14,924
Tsing Yi SouthConstituency Area青衣南17,327
Upper Tai Wo HauConstituency Area上大窩口13,779
Wah LaiConstituency Area華麗16,996
Wai YingConstituency Area偉盈19,900
Kwun TongDistrict Council觀塘區648,541
Chui CheungConstituency Area翠翔23,263
Hing TinConstituency Area興田17,136
Hip HongConstituency Area協康16,839
Hiu LaiConstituency Area曉麗17,046
Hong LokConstituency Area康樂15,970
Jordan ValleyConstituency Area佐敦谷20,291
Kai YipConstituency Area啟業15,092
King TinConstituency Area景田20,174
Kowloon BayConstituency Area九龍灣13,061
Kwong TakConstituency Area廣德18,950
Kwun Tong CentralConstituency Area觀塘中心15,553
Laguna CityConstituency Area麗港城26,271
Lai ChingConstituency Area麗晶15,238
Lam TinConstituency Area藍田22,122
Lok Wah NorthConstituency Area樂華北12,670
Lok Wah SouthConstituency Area樂華南12,934
Lower Ngau Tau Kok EstateConstituency Area牛頭角下邨17,015
On LeeConstituency Area安利14,491
Pak NgaConstituency Area栢雅13,018
Ping ShekConstituency Area坪石13,144
Ping TinConstituency Area平田16,354
Po LokConstituency Area寶樂14,077
Po TatConstituency Area寶達22,449
Sau Mau Ping CentralConstituency Area秀茂坪中16,979
Sau Mau Ping NorthConstituency Area秀茂坪北20,616
Sau Mau Ping SouthConstituency Area秀茂坪南15,415
Sheung ChoiConstituency Area雙彩22,064
Sheung ShunConstituency Area雙順17,997
Shun TinConstituency Area順天18,530
Ting OnConstituency Area定安17,995
To TaiConstituency Area淘大17,060
Tsui PingConstituency Area翠屏18,554
Upper Ngau Tau Kok EstateConstituency Area牛頭角上邨15,204
Yau LaiConstituency Area油麗20,709
Yau Tong EastConstituency Area油塘東21,280
Yau Tong WestConstituency Area油塘西19,271
Yuet WahConstituency Area月華13,709
NorthDistrict Council北區315,270
Cheung WahConstituency Area祥華16,205
Ching HoConstituency Area清河20,338
Choi YuenConstituency Area彩園17,329
Fanling SouthConstituency Area粉嶺南14,899
Fanling TownConstituency Area粉嶺市14,198
Fung TsuiConstituency Area鳳翠15,637
Luen Wo HuiConstituency Area聯和墟21,191
Queen's HillConstituency Area皇后山17,718
Sha TaConstituency Area沙打15,457
Shek Wu HuiConstituency Area石湖墟21,135
Sheung Shui RuralConstituency Area上水鄉郊22,365
Shing FukConstituency Area盛褔14,462
Tin Ping EastConstituency Area天平東17,700
Tin Ping WestConstituency Area天平西14,389
Wah DoConstituency Area華都18,620
Wah MingConstituency Area華明15,915
Yan ShingConstituency Area欣盛19,325
Yu TaiConstituency Area御太18,387
Sai KungDistrict Council西貢區461,864
Choi KinConstituency Area彩健19,949
Do ShinConstituency Area都善15,882
Fu KwanConstituency Area富君19,159
Fu NamConstituency Area富藍17,074
Hang Hau EastConstituency Area坑口東14,102
Hang Hau WestConstituency Area坑口西16,633
Hau TakConstituency Area厚德17,872
Hong KingConstituency Area康景20,545
King LamConstituency Area景林16,893
Kin MingConstituency Area健明15,631
Kwan PoConstituency Area軍寶14,856
Kwong MingConstituency Area廣明17,566
Nam OnConstituency Area南安19,558
O TongConstituency Area澳唐18,557
Pak Sha WanConstituency Area白沙灣16,550
Po LamConstituency Area寶林15,368
Po YeeConstituency Area寶怡17,443
Sai Kung CentralConstituency Area西貢市中心9,623
Sai Kung IslandsConstituency Area西貢離島12,183
Sheung TakConstituency Area尚德19,666
Tak MingConstituency Area德明18,883
Tsui LamConstituency Area翠林15,063
Wai KingConstituency Area維景15,939
Wan HangConstituency Area運亨21,768
Wan Po NorthConstituency Area環保北17,247
Wan Po SouthConstituency Area環保南19,266
Yan YingConstituency Area欣英18,588
Sham Shui PoDistrict Council深水埗405,869
Cheung Sha WanConstituency Area長沙灣15,853
FortuneConstituency Area幸福16,360
Fu CheongConstituency Area富昌18,813
Ha Pak TinConstituency Area下白田16,648
Lai Chi Kok CentralConstituency Area荔枝角中19,781
Lai Chi Kok NorthConstituency Area荔枝角北15,045
Lai Chi Kok SouthConstituency Area荔枝角南17,181
Lai KokConstituency Area麗閣13,397
Lei Cheng UkConstituency Area李鄭屋12,346
Lung Ping and Sheung Pak TinConstituency Area龍坪及上白田16,198
Mei Foo CentralConstituency Area美孚中13,209
Mei Foo NorthConstituency Area美孚北15,998
Mei Foo SouthConstituency Area美孚南17,717
Nam Cheong CentralConstituency Area南昌中21,504
Nam Cheong EastConstituency Area南昌東21,434
Nam Cheong NorthConstituency Area南昌北23,369
Nam Cheong SouthConstituency Area南昌南22,780
Nam Cheong WestConstituency Area南昌西19,303
Nam Shan, Tai Hang Tung and Tai Hang SaiConstituency Area南山、大坑東及大坑西14,736
Po LaiConstituency Area寶麗19,329
Shek Kip MeiConstituency Area石硤尾21,093
Un Chau and So UkConstituency Area元州及蘇屋18,723
Yau Yat TsuenConstituency Area又一村15,052
Sha TinDistrict Council沙田區659,794
Bik WooConstituency Area碧湖17,261
Chui KaConstituency Area翠嘉16,232
Chui TinConstituency Area翠田15,244
Chun FungConstituency Area秦豐15,266
Chung OnConstituency Area頌安22,013
Chung TinConstituency Area松田14,764
Chun MaConstituency Area駿馬14,623
City OneConstituency Area第一城16,956
Fo TanConstituency Area火炭19,096
Fu LungConstituency Area富龍15,705
Heng OnConstituency Area恒安20,036
Hin KaConstituency Area顯嘉12,194
Jat MinConstituency Area乙明23,318
Kam ToConstituency Area錦濤19,678
Kam YingConstituency Area錦英16,901
Keng HauConstituency Area徑口20,945
Kwong HongConstituency Area廣康19,227
Kwong YuenConstituency Area廣源13,039
Lee OnConstituency Area利安17,068
Lek YuenConstituency Area瀝源15,989
Lower Shing MunConstituency Area下城門18,134
Ma On Shan Town CentreConstituency Area馬鞍山市中心17,287
On TaiConstituency Area鞍泰21,583
Pok HongConstituency Area博康14,167
Sha KokConstituency Area沙角16,151
Sha Tin Town CentreConstituency Area沙田市中心19,683
Sui WoConstituency Area穗禾12,261
Sun Tin WaiConstituency Area新田圍16,128
Tai Shui HangConstituency Area大水坑18,747
Tai WaiConstituency Area大圍20,266
Tin SumConstituency Area田心14,513
Wan ShingConstituency Area雲城22,269
Wo Che EstateConstituency Area禾輋邨17,816
Wong UkConstituency Area王屋17,272
Wu Kai ShaConstituency Area烏溪沙16,788
Yiu OnConstituency Area耀安17,461
Yue ShingConstituency Area愉城15,628
Yu YanConstituency Area愉欣18,085
SouthernDistrict Council南區274,994
AberdeenConstituency Area香港仔19,813
Ap Lei Chau EstateConstituency Area鴨脷洲邨14,620
Ap Lei Chau NorthConstituency Area鴨脷洲北13,097
Bays AreaConstituency Area海灣18,514
Chi FuConstituency Area置富15,784
Lei Tung IConstituency Area利東一15,825
Lei Tung IIConstituency Area利東二11,753
PokfulamConstituency Area薄扶林20,216
Shek YueConstituency Area石漁16,074
South Horizons EastConstituency Area海怡東15,555
South Horizons WestConstituency Area海怡西15,902
Stanley and Shek OConstituency Area赤柱及石澳20,051
Tin WanConstituency Area田灣17,460
Wah Fu NorthConstituency Area華富北14,184
Wah Fu SouthConstituency Area華富南13,625
Wah KwaiConstituency Area華貴13,632
Wong Chuk HangConstituency Area黃竹坑18,889
Tai PoDistrict Council大埔區303,926
Chung TingConstituency Area頌汀14,658
Fu HengConstituency Area富亨15,710
Fu Ming SunConstituency Area富明新13,553
Hong Lok YuenConstituency Area康樂園23,190
Kwong Fuk and Plover CoveConstituency Area廣福及寶湖13,235
Lam Tsuen ValleyConstituency Area林村谷19,369
Old Market and SerenityConstituency Area舊墟及太湖15,204
Po NgaConstituency Area寶雅13,412
Sai Kung NorthConstituency Area西貢北13,023
San FuConstituency Area新富15,709
Shuen WanConstituency Area船灣19,459
Tai Po CentralConstituency Area大埔中14,055
Tai Po HuiConstituency Area大埔墟19,893
Tai Po KauConstituency Area大埔滘23,702
Tai WoConstituency Area太和13,727
Tai YuenConstituency Area大元14,568
Wang FukConstituency Area宏福11,697
Wan Tau TongConstituency Area運頭塘15,273
Yee FuConstituency Area怡富14,489
Tsuen WanDistrict Council荃灣區318,916
AllwayConstituency Area荃威20,391
Cheung ShekConstituency Area象石12,579
Clague GardenConstituency Area祈德尊17,294
Discovery ParkConstituency Area愉景16,864
Fuk LoiConstituency Area福來14,729
Hoi BunConstituency Area海濱19,955
Lai ToConstituency Area麗濤19,308
Lei Muk Shue EastConstituency Area梨木樹東17,410
Lei Muk Shue WestConstituency Area梨木樹西17,437
Luk YeungConstituency Area綠楊14,579
Ma WanConstituency Area馬灣15,012
Shek Wai KokConstituency Area石圍角13,318
Tak WahConstituency Area德華22,448
Ting ShamConstituency Area汀深18,573
Tsuen Wan CentreConstituency Area荃灣中心15,558
Tsuen Wan RuralConstituency Area荃灣郊區19,687
Tsuen Wan WestConstituency Area荃灣西19,778
Yeung Uk RoadConstituency Area楊屋道23,996
Tuen MunDistrict Council屯門區489,299
ButterflyConstituency Area蝴蝶16,377
Fu SunConstituency Area富新18,968
Fu TaiConstituency Area富泰19,111
HanfordConstituency Area恆福20,884
Hing TsakConstituency Area興澤15,187
King HingConstituency Area景興14,681
Kin SangConstituency Area建生15,448
Leung KingConstituency Area良景12,824
Lok TsuiConstituency Area樂翠14,607
Lung MunConstituency Area龍門16,796
On TingConstituency Area安定16,265
Po TinConstituency Area寶田17,700
Prime ViewConstituency Area景峰19,575
Sam ShingConstituency Area三聖21,552
San HuiConstituency Area新墟19,477
San KingConstituency Area新景13,671
Shan KingConstituency Area山景16,842
Siu ChiConstituency Area兆置19,961
Siu HeiConstituency Area兆禧12,660
Siu HongConstituency Area兆康15,299
Siu TsuiConstituency Area兆翠18,796
Tin KingConstituency Area田景15,253
Tsui HingConstituency Area翠興19,094
Tuen Mun RuralConstituency Area屯門鄉郊19,720
Tuen Mun Town CentreConstituency Area屯門市中心21,629
Wu KingConstituency Area湖景13,680
Yau Oi NorthConstituency Area友愛北15,175
Yau Oi SouthConstituency Area友愛南15,144
Yuet WuConstituency Area悅湖12,923
Wan ChaiDistrict Council灣仔區180,123
BroadwoodConstituency Area樂活15,906
Canal RoadConstituency Area鵝頸12,076
Causeway BayConstituency Area銅鑼灣11,246
Happy ValleyConstituency Area跑馬地12,703
HennessyConstituency Area軒尼詩12,839
Jardine's LookoutConstituency Area渣甸山16,502
Oi KwanConstituency Area愛群13,078
SouthornConstituency Area修頓14,563
Stubbs RoadConstituency Area司徒拔道14,730
Tai Fat HauConstituency Area大佛口12,630
Tai HangConstituency Area大坑14,515
Tin HauConstituency Area天后15,093
Victoria ParkConstituency Area維園14,242
Wong Tai SinDistrict Council黃大仙區425,235
Chi ChoiConstituency Area池彩16,102
Ching OiConstituency Area正愛20,755
Ching OnConstituency Area正安22,617
Choi HungConstituency Area彩虹15,062
Choi Wan EastConstituency Area彩雲東14,785
Choi Wan SouthConstituency Area彩雲南12,691
Choi Wan WestConstituency Area彩雲西13,680
Chuk Yuen NorthConstituency Area竹園北15,209
Chuk Yuen SouthConstituency Area竹園南15,396
Fung TakConstituency Area鳳德15,358
Fung WongConstituency Area鳳凰15,093
King FuConstituency Area瓊富18,835
Lok FuConstituency Area樂富14,352
Lung HaConstituency Area龍下11,737
Lung SheungConstituency Area龍上20,048
Lung SingConstituency Area龍星19,555
Lung TsuiConstituency Area龍趣16,538
San Po KongConstituency Area新蒲崗24,012
Tin KeungConstituency Area天強13,747
Tsui Chuk and Pang ChingConstituency Area翠竹及鵬程18,175
Tsz Wan EastConstituency Area慈雲東20,899
Tsz Wan WestConstituency Area慈雲西20,076
Tung MeiConstituency Area東美16,376
Tung TauConstituency Area東頭16,848
Wang Tau HomConstituency Area橫頭磡17,289
Yau Tsim MongDistrict Council油尖旺區342,970
CharmingConstituency Area富榮17,198
CherryConstituency Area櫻桃14,109
East Tsim Sha Tsui and King's ParkConstituency Area尖東及京士柏16,080
Fu PakConstituency Area富柏20,235
Jordan NorthConstituency Area佐敦北18,550
Jordan SouthConstituency Area佐敦南18,678
Jordan WestConstituency Area佐敦西18,260
Mong Kok EastConstituency Area旺角東17,199
Mong Kok NorthConstituency Area旺角北19,337
Mong Kok SouthConstituency Area旺角南16,450
Mong Kok WestConstituency Area旺角西16,886
OlympicConstituency Area奧運18,205
Tai Kok Tsui NorthConstituency Area大角咀北20,452
Tai Kok Tsui SouthConstituency Area大角咀南15,790
Tai NanConstituency Area大南22,800
Tsim Sha Tsui CentralConstituency Area尖沙咀中16,939
Tsim Sha Tsui WestConstituency Area尖沙咀西21,431
Yau Ma Tei NorthConstituency Area油麻地北13,230
Yau Ma Tei SouthConstituency Area油麻地南21,141
Yuen LongDistrict Council元朗區614,178
Ching KingConstituency Area晴景19,008
Chung PakConstituency Area頌栢16,185
Chung WahConstituency Area頌華16,804
Fairview ParkConstituency Area錦綉花園15,583
Fung CheungConstituency Area鳳翔16,416
Fung NinConstituency Area豐年19,090
Fu YanConstituency Area富恩19,438
Ha TsuenConstituency Area廈村15,266
Kam TinConstituency Area錦田13,489
Kingswood NorthConstituency Area嘉湖北23,124
Kingswood SouthConstituency Area嘉湖南17,613
Nam PingConstituency Area南屏15,769
Pat Heung NorthConstituency Area八鄉北11,534
Pat Heung SouthConstituency Area八鄉南19,318
Pek LongConstituency Area北朗16,515
Ping Shan CentralConstituency Area屏山中13,975
Ping Shan NorthConstituency Area屏山北13,339
Ping Shan SouthConstituency Area屏山南25,343
San TinConstituency Area新田21,990
Shap Pat Heung CentralConstituency Area十八鄉中21,459
Shap Pat Heung EastConstituency Area十八鄉東15,684
Shap Pat Heung WestConstituency Area十八鄉西20,512
Shui OiConstituency Area瑞愛17,720
Shui PinConstituency Area水邊20,521
Shui WahConstituency Area瑞華15,133
Tin HengConstituency Area天恒20,803
Tin ShingConstituency Area天盛20,851
Tin YiuConstituency Area天耀12,713
Tsz YauConstituency Area慈祐14,700
Wang YatConstituency Area宏逸18,662
Yat ChakConstituency Area逸澤20,594
Yiu YauConstituency Area耀祐14,035
Yuen Long CentreConstituency Area元朗中心17,227
Yuen LungConstituency Area元龍14,916
Yuet YanConstituency Area悅恩18,849
Hong KongSpecial Administrative Region香港7,335,384

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Population figures exclude persons living on board vessels. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (C 2016)
Age Groups (C 2016)
0-14 years830,362
15-64 years5,342,036
65+ years1,162,986
Age Distribution (C 2016)
0-9 years571,179
10-19 years599,970
20-29 years955,266
30-39 years1,148,435
40-49 years1,136,621
50-59 years1,265,767
60-69 years890,801
70-79 years427,119
80+ years340,226
Ethnic Group (C 2016)
Usual Language (C 2016)
Other Chinese dialect221,205
Other language131,173

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