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Xiāngyīn Xiàn

County in Yuèyáng Shì / 岳阳市


The population of Xiāngyīn Xiàn.

Xiāngyīn Xiàn湘阴县County680,875
Yuèyáng Shì岳阳市Prefecture-level City5,476,084

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The population of the townships in Xiāngyīn Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báiníhú Xiāng白泥湖乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn14,704
Chángkāng Zhèn长康镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn21,413
Chéngxī Zhèn城西镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn62,138
Dōngtáng Zhèn东塘镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn26,534
Jiètóupū Zhèn界头铺镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn15,212
Jìnghé Xiāng静河乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn26,484
Lĭngbĕi Zhèn岭北镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn65,526
Liùtáng Xiāng六塘乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn13,389
Nánhúzhōu Zhèn南湖洲镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn50,536
Qīngtán Xiāng青潭乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn958
Sāntáng Zhèn三塘镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn19,093
Shítáng Xiāng石塘乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn21,374
Wénxīng Zhèn文星镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn143,889
Xiāngbīn Zhèn湘滨镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn48,736
Xīnquán Zhèn新泉镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn69,802
Yánglínzhài Xiāng杨林寨乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn22,210
Yuánjiāpū Zhèn袁家铺镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn20,077
Yùhuá Xiāng玉华乡Rural TownshipXiāngyīn Xiàn16,380
Zhāngshù Zhèn樟树镇TownXiāngyīn Xiàn22,420

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.