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Tánchéng Xiàn

County in Línyí Shì / 临沂市


The population of Tánchéng Xiàn.

Tánchéng Xiàn郯城县County936,166
Línyí Shì临沂市Prefecture-level City10,039,440

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The population of the townships in Tánchéng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chóngfāng Zhèn重坊镇TownTánchéng Xiàn41,555
Chŭdūn Zhèn褚墩镇TownTánchéng Xiàn52,775
Găngshàng Zhèn港上镇TownTánchéng Xiàn39,669
Gāofēngtóu Zhèn高峰头镇TownTánchéng Xiàn42,688
Guīchāng Xiāng归昌乡Rural TownshipTánchéng Xiàn33,132
Hónghuā Zhèn红花镇TownTánchéng Xiàn59,392
Huángshān Zhèn黄山镇TownTánchéng Xiàn45,372
Huāyuán Xiāng花园乡Rural TownshipTánchéng Xiàn44,463
Lĭzhuāng Zhèn李庄镇TownTánchéng Xiàn47,954
Mătóu Zhèn马头镇TownTánchéng Xiàn74,766
Miàoshān Zhèn庙山镇TownTánchéng Xiàn45,356
Quányuán Xiāng泉源乡Rural TownshipTánchéng Xiàn45,963
Shādūn Zhèn沙墩镇TownTánchéng Xiàn47,164
Shènglì Zhèn胜利镇TownTánchéng Xiàn41,376
Tánchéng Jiēdào郯城街道办事处Urban SubdistrictTánchéng Xiàn197,214
Xīncūn Xiāng新村乡Rural TownshipTánchéng Xiàn33,650
Yángjí Zhèn杨集镇TownTánchéng Xiàn43,677

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.