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Xīngguó Xiàn

County in Gànzhōu Shì / 赣州市


The population of Xīngguó Xiàn.

Xīngguó Xiàn兴国县County719,830
Gànzhōu Shì赣州市Prefecture-level City8,368,447

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The population of the townships in Xīngguó Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bùtóu Xiāng埠头乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn35,426
Chánggāng Xiāng长冈乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn38,673
Cháyuán Xiāng茶园乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn17,923
Chénggăng Xiāng城岗乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn23,088
Chóngxián Xiāng崇贤乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn22,616
Dĭnglóng Xiāng鼎龙乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn24,206
Dōngcūn Xiāng东村乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn17,390
Fāngtài Xiāng方太乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn15,380
Fēngbiān Xiāng枫边乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn12,942
Gāoxīng Zhèn高兴镇TownXīngguó Xiàn54,000
Gŭlónggāng Zhèn古龙冈镇TownXīngguó Xiàn34,573
Jiāngbèi Zhèn江背镇TownXīngguó Xiàn26,030
Jiécūn Xiāng杰村乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn18,510
Jūncūn Xiāng均村乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn38,480
Liángcūn Zhèn良村镇TownXīngguó Xiàn17,756
Liànjiāng Zhèn潋江镇TownXīngguó Xiàn123,195
Lóngkŏu Zhèn龙口镇TownXīngguó Xiàn21,995
Lóngpíng Xiāng隆坪乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn10,288
Méijiào Zhèn梅窖镇TownXīngguó Xiàn22,560
Nánkēng Xiāng南坑乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn9,694
Shèfù Xiāng社富乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn36,662
Xīngguóxiàn Gōngyèyuán兴国县工业园Township-like AreaXīngguó Xiàn9,201
Xīngjiāng Xiāng兴江乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn25,584
Xīnglián Xiāng兴莲乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn16,899
Yŏngfēng Xiāng永丰乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn32,984
Zhāngmù Xiāng樟木乡Rural TownshipXīngguó Xiàn13,775

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.