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Dìngxīng Xiàn

County in Băodìng Shì / 保定市


The population of Dìngxīng Xiàn.

Dìngxīng Xiàn定兴县County517,874
Băodìng Shì [incl. Dìngzhōu]保定市Prefecture-level City11,194,382

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The population of the townships in Dìngxīng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕihé Zhèn北河镇TownDìngxīng Xiàn19,637
Bĕináncài Xiāng北南蔡乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn19,545
Bĕitián Xiāng北田乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn35,478
Dìngxīng Zhèn定兴镇TownDìngxīng Xiàn95,456
Dōngluòbăo Xiāng东落堡乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn23,896
Gāolĭ Xiāng高里乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn47,787
Gùchéng Zhèn固城镇TownDìngxīng Xiàn45,429
Liŭzhuó Xiāng柳卓乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn21,679
Lĭyùzhuāng Xiāng李郁庄乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn17,771
Tiāngōngsì Xiāng天宫寺乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn34,213
Xiányù Zhèn贤寓镇TownDìngxīng Xiàn41,041
Xiàocūn Xiāng肖村乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn22,010
Xiăozhūzhuāng Xiāng小朱庄乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn31,288
Yángcūn Xiāng杨村乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn27,752
Yáocūn Xiāng姚村乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn18,562
Zhāngjiāzhuāng Xiāng张家庄乡Rural TownshipDìngxīng Xiàn16,330

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.