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USA: New Orleans - Metairie

Contents: Census Tracts

The population of all census tracts in the Metropolitan Statistical Area ┬╗New Orleans - Metairie┬ź.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution).

Jefferson Parish CT 201.01Census Tract2,7992,748
Jefferson Parish CT 201.02Census Tract3,3652,976
Jefferson Parish CT 202.01Census Tract2,0492,078
Jefferson Parish CT 202.02Census Tract3,4053,193
Jefferson Parish CT 202.03Census Tract7,2457,153
Jefferson Parish CT 203.01Census Tract3,3163,226
Jefferson Parish CT 203.02Census Tract5,3415,276
Jefferson Parish CT 203.03Census Tract3,7733,736
Jefferson Parish CT 204Census Tract3,4913,130
Jefferson Parish CT 205.02Census Tract6,2896,387
Jefferson Parish CT 205.05Census Tract2,1661,879
Jefferson Parish CT 205.06Census Tract5,5014,230
Jefferson Parish CT 205.07Census Tract4,3004,243
Jefferson Parish CT 205.08Census Tract7,0037,443
Jefferson Parish CT 205.11Census Tract4,2164,101
Jefferson Parish CT 205.12Census Tract2,9902,725
Jefferson Parish CT 205.13Census Tract4,5535,044
Jefferson Parish CT 205.14Census Tract4,1773,776
Jefferson Parish CT 205.15Census Tract...3,035
Jefferson Parish CT 205.16Census Tract...4,617
Jefferson Parish CT 205.17Census Tract...3,865
Jefferson Parish CT 206Census Tract5,5134,956
Jefferson Parish CT 207Census Tract1,5121,191
Jefferson Parish CT 210Census Tract2,5862,425
Jefferson Parish CT 211Census Tract2,3802,198
Jefferson Parish CT 212Census Tract2,5082,481
Jefferson Parish CT 213Census Tract3,0592,898
Jefferson Parish CT 214Census Tract2,1402,114
Jefferson Parish CT 215Census Tract2,9762,847
Jefferson Parish CT 216Census Tract6,4236,732
Jefferson Parish CT 217Census Tract5,4145,482
Jefferson Parish CT 218.01Census Tract3,2472,234
Jefferson Parish CT 218.03Census Tract...4,490
Jefferson Parish CT 218.04Census Tract...1,982
Jefferson Parish CT 219Census Tract1,9471,772
Jefferson Parish CT 220.01Census Tract4,6844,655
Jefferson Parish CT 220.02Census Tract2,7092,596
Jefferson Parish CT 221.01Census Tract1,3811,401
Jefferson Parish CT 221.02Census Tract2,5182,468
Jefferson Parish CT 222Census Tract2,4952,230
Jefferson Parish CT 223.01Census Tract2,8682,841
Jefferson Parish CT 223.02Census Tract1,8401,841
Jefferson Parish CT 223.03Census Tract2,8522,767
Jefferson Parish CT 224Census Tract3,4103,357
Jefferson Parish CT 225Census Tract2,9632,758
Jefferson Parish CT 226Census Tract3,1443,198
Jefferson Parish CT 227Census Tract2,8262,750
Jefferson Parish CT 228Census Tract3,1822,961
Jefferson Parish CT 229Census Tract2,9922,966
Jefferson Parish CT 230.01Census Tract1,9901,835
Jefferson Parish CT 230.02Census Tract4,8144,411
Jefferson Parish CT 230.03Census Tract2,9412,761
Jefferson Parish CT 231Census Tract2,5192,386
Jefferson Parish CT 232Census Tract3,5582,858
Jefferson Parish CT 233Census Tract1,8881,658
Jefferson Parish CT 234Census Tract3,3713,144
Jefferson Parish CT 235Census Tract4,8184,443
Jefferson Parish CT 236Census Tract5,5125,173
Jefferson Parish CT 237Census Tract2,6822,098
Jefferson Parish CT 238Census Tract4,3363,851
Jefferson Parish CT 239.01Census Tract2,4972,381
Jefferson Parish CT 239.02Census Tract2,4102,324
Jefferson Parish CT 239.03Census Tract2,4582,269
Jefferson Parish CT 239.04Census Tract2,8252,669
Jefferson Parish CT 240.01Census Tract3,0782,857
Jefferson Parish CT 240.02Census Tract3,1862,988
Jefferson Parish CT 241Census Tract3,6833,432
Jefferson Parish CT 242.01Census Tract...2,068
Jefferson Parish CT 242.02Census Tract...3,135
Jefferson Parish CT 243Census Tract2,9952,825
Jefferson Parish CT 244Census Tract3,0392,889
Jefferson Parish CT 245Census Tract1,6361,597
Jefferson Parish CT 246Census Tract1,7531,399
Jefferson Parish CT 247Census Tract1,7421,684
Jefferson Parish CT 248Census Tract3,7223,336
Jefferson Parish CT 249Census Tract1,9781,753
Jefferson Parish CT 250.01Census Tract7,9987,589
Jefferson Parish CT 250.02Census Tract3,4683,145
Jefferson Parish CT 250.03Census Tract4,0313,725
Jefferson Parish CT 251.02Census Tract4,1004,247
Jefferson Parish CT 251.03Census Tract3,9243,683
Jefferson Parish CT 251.04Census Tract3,5373,693
Jefferson Parish CT 252.01Census Tract3,1482,569
Jefferson Parish CT 252.02Census Tract6,6296,129
Jefferson Parish CT 253Census Tract2,2852,240
Jefferson Parish CT 254Census Tract4,7753,801
Jefferson Parish CT 255Census Tract2,9372,669
Jefferson Parish CT 256Census Tract1,5571,483
Jefferson Parish CT 257Census Tract1,6341,391
Jefferson Parish CT 258Census Tract1,9511,784
Jefferson Parish CT 259Census Tract3,3133,460
Jefferson Parish CT 260Census Tract2,1681,991
Jefferson Parish CT 261Census Tract5,5694,815
Jefferson Parish CT 262Census Tract1,7501,316
Jefferson Parish CT 263Census Tract2,5592,517
Jefferson Parish CT 264Census Tract1,8591,738
Jefferson Parish CT 265Census Tract2,3782,002
Jefferson Parish CT 266Census Tract1,9522,023
Jefferson Parish CT 267Census Tract2,0101,848
Jefferson Parish CT 268Census Tract3,1542,684
Jefferson Parish CT 269Census Tract4,2633,399
Jefferson Parish CT 270Census Tract5,6146,000
Jefferson Parish CT 271Census Tract4,2282,612
Jefferson Parish CT 272Census Tract5,8615,373
Jefferson Parish CT 275.01Census Tract5,4836,646
Jefferson Parish CT 275.02Census Tract4,0813,505
Jefferson Parish CT 276.01Census Tract5,4645,192
Jefferson Parish CT 276.02Census Tract4,0713,836
Jefferson Parish CT 277.01Census Tract6,5435,951
Jefferson Parish CT 277.03Census Tract4,6064,091
Jefferson Parish CT 278.03Census Tract4,2063,163
Jefferson Parish CT 278.04Census Tract6,7857,912
Jefferson Parish CT 278.05Census Tract7,7508,937
Jefferson Parish CT 278.06Census Tract7,3936,568
Jefferson Parish CT 278.07Census Tract7,5568,842
Jefferson Parish CT 278.09Census Tract6,8527,252
Jefferson Parish CT 278.10Census Tract4,7464,287
Jefferson Parish CT 278.11Census Tract3,8953,515
Jefferson Parish CT 278.12Census Tract4,3584,219
Jefferson Parish CT 279.01Census Tract...2,792
Jefferson Parish CT 279.02Census Tract...2,490
Jefferson Parish CT 280Census Tract...5,141
Jefferson Parish CT 281Census Tract2,3592,106
Jefferson Parish CT 282Census Tract4,9624,505
Jefferson Parish CT 9800Census Tract...0
Orleans Parish CT 1Census Tract2,3812,455
Orleans Parish CT 100Census Tract2,3551,533
Orleans Parish CT 101Census Tract2,4292,079
Orleans Parish CT 102Census Tract2,6961,674
Orleans Parish CT 103Census Tract3,4232,198
Orleans Parish CT 106Census Tract1,5741,305
Orleans Parish CT 107Census Tract1,8491,764
Orleans Parish CT 108Census Tract1,4491,412
Orleans Parish CT 109Census Tract3,3832,808
Orleans Parish CT 11Census Tract2,8921,663
Orleans Parish CT 111Census Tract2,4461,715
Orleans Parish CT 112Census Tract1,5341,283
Orleans Parish CT 114Census Tract1,8421,876
Orleans Parish CT 115Census Tract1,6921,510
Orleans Parish CT 116Census Tract1,5291,447
Orleans Parish CT 117Census Tract3,0192,924
Orleans Parish CT 119Census Tract1,7641,741
Orleans Parish CT 12Census Tract2,2041,674
Orleans Parish CT 120Census Tract1,3511,496
Orleans Parish CT 121.01Census Tract2,2332,855
Orleans Parish CT 121.02Census Tract3,3103,892
Orleans Parish CT 122Census Tract2,1911,968
Orleans Parish CT 123Census Tract2,2751,900
Orleans Parish CT 124Census Tract1,8731,620
Orleans Parish CT 125Census Tract1,7721,734
Orleans Parish CT 126Census Tract1,9291,942
Orleans Parish CT 127Census Tract2,5092,311
Orleans Parish CT 128Census Tract2,6762,161
Orleans Parish CT 129Census Tract1,5721,397
Orleans Parish CT 130Census Tract1,9931,490
Orleans Parish CT 13.01Census Tract3,0222,141
Orleans Parish CT 13.02Census Tract1,9691,113
Orleans Parish CT 131Census Tract2,1561,425
Orleans Parish CT 132Census Tract3,2322,457
Orleans Parish CT 133.01Census Tract3,6153,453
Orleans Parish CT 133.02Census Tract2,1622,464
Orleans Parish CT 134Census Tract...2,276
Orleans Parish CT 135Census Tract2,4502,338
Orleans Parish CT 136Census Tract1,502933
Orleans Parish CT 137Census Tract...2,005
Orleans Parish CT 138Census Tract...974
Orleans Parish CT 139Census Tract1,4901,524
Orleans Parish CT 140Census Tract...1,599
Orleans Parish CT 14.01Census Tract3,1711,302
Orleans Parish CT 14.02Census Tract3,2021,704
Orleans Parish CT 141Census Tract...2,161
Orleans Parish CT 142Census Tract2,3031,679
Orleans Parish CT 143Census Tract...944
Orleans Parish CT 144Census Tract1,8161,566
Orleans Parish CT 145Census Tract...3,059
Orleans Parish CT 15Census Tract2,026929
Orleans Parish CT 16Census Tract1,6046
Orleans Parish CT 17.01Census Tract2,6301,482
Orleans Parish CT 17.02Census Tract4,3872,817
Orleans Parish CT 17.20Census Tract5,0923,410
Orleans Parish CT 17.22Census Tract7,0053,951
Orleans Parish CT 17.23Census Tract5,5644,213
Orleans Parish CT 17.24Census Tract5,6424,213
Orleans Parish CT 17.25Census Tract7,7735,901
Orleans Parish CT 17.30Census Tract2,213832
Orleans Parish CT 17.34Census Tract1,760892
Orleans Parish CT 17.35Census Tract5,3382,261
Orleans Parish CT 17.36Census Tract4,2581,754
Orleans Parish CT 17.37Census Tract4,0992,463
Orleans Parish CT 17.39Census Tract3,2321,439
Orleans Parish CT 17.40Census Tract5,2914,130
Orleans Parish CT 17.41Census Tract1,7111,376
Orleans Parish CT 17.43Census Tract...2,006
Orleans Parish CT 17.44Census Tract...3,966
Orleans Parish CT 17.45Census Tract...3,284
Orleans Parish CT 17.46Census Tract...4,296
Orleans Parish CT 17.47Census Tract...3,510
Orleans Parish CT 17.48Census Tract...3,773
Orleans Parish CT 17.49Census Tract...2,511
Orleans Parish CT 17.50Census Tract...3,289
Orleans Parish CT 17.51Census Tract...836
Orleans Parish CT 18Census Tract1,5191,381
Orleans Parish CT 19Census Tract2,5241,586
Orleans Parish CT 2Census Tract1,3471,197
Orleans Parish CT 20Census Tract2,1551,317
Orleans Parish CT 21Census Tract1,522856
Orleans Parish CT 22Census Tract2,0491,058
Orleans Parish CT 23Census Tract3,7251,815
Orleans Parish CT 24.01Census Tract2,1751,615
Orleans Parish CT 24.02Census Tract3,7072,849
Orleans Parish CT 25.01Census Tract2,5411,573
Orleans Parish CT 25.02Census Tract3,0991,832
Orleans Parish CT 25.03Census Tract2,0351,584
Orleans Parish CT 25.04Census Tract2,6252,162
Orleans Parish CT 26Census Tract1,6261,592
Orleans Parish CT 27Census Tract2,5101,475
Orleans Parish CT 28Census Tract2,0851,426
Orleans Parish CT 29Census Tract2,3091,156
Orleans Parish CT 3Census Tract1,4681,231
Orleans Parish CT 30Census Tract1,9721,100
Orleans Parish CT 31Census Tract1,9361,084
Orleans Parish CT 33.01Census Tract2,8181,580
Orleans Parish CT 33.02Census Tract4,1652,647
Orleans Parish CT 33.03Census Tract2,5141,765
Orleans Parish CT 33.04Census Tract2,8041,745
Orleans Parish CT 33.07Census Tract1,6891,187
Orleans Parish CT 33.08Census Tract4,7823,186
Orleans Parish CT 34Census Tract2,0081,222
Orleans Parish CT 35Census Tract1,8611,231
Orleans Parish CT 36Census Tract2,2741,493
Orleans Parish CT 37.01Census Tract2,1511,722
Orleans Parish CT 37.02Census Tract4,4243,470
Orleans Parish CT 38Census Tract1,7261,475
Orleans Parish CT 39Census Tract1,4471,195
Orleans Parish CT 4Census Tract2,5642,328
Orleans Parish CT 40Census Tract2,5821,860
Orleans Parish CT 41Census Tract1,7201,425
Orleans Parish CT 44.01Census Tract2,3201,100
Orleans Parish CT 44.02Census Tract2,5040
Orleans Parish CT 45Census Tract3,1412,104
Orleans Parish CT 46Census Tract2,8132,704
Orleans Parish CT 48Census Tract2,5401,238
Orleans Parish CT 49Census Tract2,9681,811
Orleans Parish CT 50Census Tract1,6661,247
Orleans Parish CT 54Census Tract1,6361,909
Orleans Parish CT 55Census Tract2,9082,298
Orleans Parish CT 56.01Census Tract2,9261,819
Orleans Parish CT 56.02Census Tract3,1602,069
Orleans Parish CT 56.03Census Tract1,8431,255
Orleans Parish CT 56.04Census Tract1,9461,251
Orleans Parish CT 60Census Tract1,2661,838
Orleans Parish CT 6.01Census Tract2,034849
Orleans Parish CT 6.02Census Tract2,9572,534
Orleans Parish CT 6.03Census Tract2,3421,605
Orleans Parish CT 6.04Census Tract5,1313,925
Orleans Parish CT 6.05Census Tract2,9022,205
Orleans Parish CT 6.06Census Tract4,4004,346
Orleans Parish CT 6.07Census Tract3,7463,709
Orleans Parish CT 6.11Census Tract4,5254,010
Orleans Parish CT 6.12Census Tract1,1471,759
Orleans Parish CT 6.13Census Tract4,6303,756
Orleans Parish CT 6.15Census Tract...4,014
Orleans Parish CT 6.16Census Tract...4,712
Orleans Parish CT 6.17Census Tract...4,334
Orleans Parish CT 6.18Census Tract...3,816
Orleans Parish CT 63Census Tract2,4941,761
Orleans Parish CT 64Census Tract3,1932,504
Orleans Parish CT 65Census Tract3,3122,381
Orleans Parish CT 69Census Tract4,339806
Orleans Parish CT 70Census Tract2,1721,637
Orleans Parish CT 7.01Census Tract3,278568
Orleans Parish CT 7.02Census Tract2,9761,303
Orleans Parish CT 71.01Census Tract...1,772
Orleans Parish CT 72Census Tract2,5761,977
Orleans Parish CT 75.01Census Tract3,1001,996
Orleans Parish CT 75.02Census Tract3,8192,381
Orleans Parish CT 76.04Census Tract1,9621,642
Orleans Parish CT 76.05Census Tract1,7721,270
Orleans Parish CT 76.06Census Tract...3,147
Orleans Parish CT 77Census Tract1,6282,488
Orleans Parish CT 78Census Tract1,1861,201
Orleans Parish CT 8Census Tract2,5311,411
Orleans Parish CT 82Census Tract1,8861,547
Orleans Parish CT 83Census Tract1,4161,127
Orleans Parish CT 84Census Tract1,2391,085
Orleans Parish CT 85Census Tract1,7781,105
Orleans Parish CT 86Census Tract1,599900
Orleans Parish CT 88Census Tract1,9671,694
Orleans Parish CT 90Census Tract1,9701,926
Orleans Parish CT 9.01Census Tract2,737616
Orleans Parish CT 9.02Census Tract2,943320
Orleans Parish CT 9.03Census Tract2,640508
Orleans Parish CT 9.04Census Tract2,410830
Orleans Parish CT 91Census Tract2,5691,949
Orleans Parish CT 92Census Tract1,9501,110
Orleans Parish CT 94Census Tract2,1901,041
Orleans Parish CT 96Census Tract1,6101,405
Orleans Parish CT 97Census Tract1,6101,294
Orleans Parish CT 9800Census Tract...4
Orleans Parish CT 9801Census Tract...4
Orleans Parish CT 99Census Tract3,2422,998
Plaquemines Parish CT 501Census Tract3,0251,943
Plaquemines Parish CT 502Census Tract6,9708,262
Plaquemines Parish CT 503Census Tract2,8784,417
Plaquemines Parish CT 504Census Tract3,4283,708
Plaquemines Parish CT 505Census Tract2,6051,426
Plaquemines Parish CT 506Census Tract2,215993
Plaquemines Parish CT 507Census Tract3,3581,161
Plaquemines Parish CT 508Census Tract2,2781,132
St. Bernard Parish CT 301.03Census Tract6,8214,138
St. Bernard Parish CT 301.04Census Tract2,5771,780
St. Bernard Parish CT 301.05Census Tract...368
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.03Census Tract4,2782,612
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.04Census Tract6,5923,681
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.06Census Tract4,3271,612
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.07Census Tract5,5972,773
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.08Census Tract4,8922,541
St. Bernard Parish CT 302.09Census Tract4,8433,003
St. Bernard Parish CT 303Census Tract2,2581,356
St. Bernard Parish CT 304Census Tract2,7311,282
St. Bernard Parish CT 305Census Tract3,3621,241
St. Bernard Parish CT 306.01Census Tract2,743925
St. Bernard Parish CT 306.02Census Tract4,1122,196
St. Bernard Parish CT 306.03Census Tract3,4161,474
St. Bernard Parish CT 307Census Tract2,1651,517
St. Bernard Parish CT 308Census Tract5,1733,398
St. Charles Parish CT 601Census Tract1,1211,937
St. Charles Parish CT 621Census Tract4,7575,925
St. Charles Parish CT 622Census Tract2,3002,520
St. Charles Parish CT 623.01Census Tract5,6576,368
St. Charles Parish CT 623.02Census Tract5,0994,844
St. Charles Parish CT 624Census Tract1,7321,550
St. Charles Parish CT 625Census Tract3,4152,988
St. Charles Parish CT 627Census Tract3,6014,754
St. Charles Parish CT 628Census Tract4,0274,726
St. Charles Parish CT 629Census Tract2,7252,541
St. Charles Parish CT 630Census Tract1,2851,316
St. Charles Parish CT 631Census Tract6,9297,479
St. Charles Parish CT 632Census Tract5,4245,832
St. James Parish CT 401Census Tract3,2063,801
St. James Parish CT 402Census Tract3,7483,631
St. James Parish CT 403Census Tract2,8033,382
St. James Parish CT 404Census Tract2,6772,565
St. James Parish CT 405Census Tract2,4102,155
St. James Parish CT 406Census Tract2,8292,922
St. James Parish CT 407Census Tract3,5433,646
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 701Census Tract2,2892,685
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 702Census Tract5,5887,323
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 703Census Tract6,3186,258
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 704Census Tract4,2714,381
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 705Census Tract5,4616,229
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 706Census Tract2,7722,810
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 707Census Tract4,1924,348
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 708Census Tract2,7072,537
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 709Census Tract2,5953,115
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 710Census Tract3,3772,840
St. John the Baptist Parish CT 711Census Tract3,4743,398
St. Tammany Parish CT 401.02Census Tract7,5069,083
St. Tammany Parish CT 401.03Census Tract...4,453
St. Tammany Parish CT 401.04Census Tract...6,295
St. Tammany Parish CT 402.01Census Tract4,9968,377
St. Tammany Parish CT 402.02Census Tract5,7576,811
St. Tammany Parish CT 403.03Census Tract6,9228,804
St. Tammany Parish CT 403.04Census Tract6,5296,488
St. Tammany Parish CT 403.05Census Tract...10,470
St. Tammany Parish CT 404Census Tract4,0027,117
St. Tammany Parish CT 405.01Census Tract3,5873,334
St. Tammany Parish CT 405.02Census Tract3,0113,610
St. Tammany Parish CT 406.01Census Tract1,9302,057
St. Tammany Parish CT 406.02Census Tract2,7192,536
St. Tammany Parish CT 406.04Census Tract...8,178
St. Tammany Parish CT 406.05Census Tract...6,251
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.01Census Tract5,7408,260
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.04Census Tract5,4406,281
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.05Census Tract4,6286,039
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.06Census Tract4,7475,819
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.08Census Tract4,9826,044
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.09Census Tract...4,272
St. Tammany Parish CT 407.10Census Tract...5,873
St. Tammany Parish CT 408.01Census Tract3,5504,656
St. Tammany Parish CT 408.02Census Tract5,7286,648
St. Tammany Parish CT 408.03Census Tract7,3489,326
St. Tammany Parish CT 409Census Tract3,0482,748
St. Tammany Parish CT 410.02Census Tract2,9202,810
St. Tammany Parish CT 410.03Census Tract5,2825,270
St. Tammany Parish CT 410.04Census Tract4,8994,629
St. Tammany Parish CT 411.01Census Tract3,4603,824
St. Tammany Parish CT 411.02Census Tract7,1456,938
St. Tammany Parish CT 411.03Census Tract3,1893,477
St. Tammany Parish CT 411.04Census Tract3,4283,168
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.02Census Tract2,8222,653
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.04Census Tract7,0738,790
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.07Census Tract...4,118
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.08Census Tract...4,536
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.09Census Tract...4,977
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.10Census Tract...2,358
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.11Census Tract...6,043
St. Tammany Parish CT 412.12Census Tract...3,788
St. Tammany Parish CT 413Census Tract6,5046,531
New Orleans - Metairie, LAMetropolitan Statistical Area1,337,7401,189,866

Source: U.S. Census Bureau (web).