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Moshi Rural

District in Northern Tanzania

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The population development in Moshi Rural as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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Moshi RuralDistrict401,369466,737
Arusha ChiniRural Ward13,91513,960
KaheRural Ward14,53919,142
Kahe MasharikiRural Ward8,46511,384
Kibosho KatiRural Ward9,77710,258
Kibosho MagharibiRural Ward19,17020,291
Kibosho MasharikiRural Ward11,86014,148
Kilema KaskaziniRural Ward9,1499,669
Kilema KatiRural Ward5,3826,993
Kilema KusiniRural Ward16,27422,711
KimochiRural Ward12,65313,562
KindiRural Ward17,44821,391
KirimaRural Ward9,60110,709
Kirua Vunjo KusiniRural Ward16,43219,378
Kirua Vunjo MagharibiRural Ward12,45412,840
Kirua Vunjo MasharikiRural Ward8,2598,657
MaboginiRural Ward20,54428,992
MakuyuniMixed Ward14,91822,442
Mamba KaskaziniRural Ward8,4139,065
Mamba KusiniRural Ward9,38310,060
Marangu MagharibiRural Ward17,48318,976
Marangu MasharikiRural Ward23,40123,734
MbokomuRural Ward12,45514,606
Mwika KaskaziniRural Ward18,71221,177
Mwika KusiniRural Ward18,65519,645
OkaoniRural Ward9,70410,446
Old Moshi MagharibiRural Ward7,1218,100
Old Moshi MasharikiRural Ward8,3089,528
Uru KaskaziniRural Ward10,31011,081
Uru KusiniRural Ward17,67922,904
Uru MasharikiRural Ward13,33114,781
Uru ShimbweRural Ward5,5746,107

Source: National Bureau of Statistics Tanzania (web).

Explanation: Area figures are derived from geospatial data.

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