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Urban Locality (jewish) in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan)

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The population development in Rehovot as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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RehovotUrban Locality (jewish)רחובות124,988138,379147,878
Rehovot 0111Industrial Areaרחובות 0111...6...
Rehovot 0112Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01122,8503,0533,036
Rehovot 0113Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 0113370373518
Rehovot 0114Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01143,8503,8263,771
Rehovot 0115Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01153,8103,9923,938
Rehovot 0116Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01163,9203,8503,664
Rehovot 0117Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01175,3605,3885,629
Rehovot 0121Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01214,0104,2314,355
Rehovot 0122Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01224,1804,2784,052
Rehovot 0123Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01232,5606,9299,567
Rehovot 0124Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 01243,2903,4083,756
Rehovot 0211Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02113,9204,0904,052
Rehovot 0212Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02122,1402,2822,383
Rehovot 0213Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02134,5504,6434,550
Rehovot 0214Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02143,3503,2793,243
Rehovot 0221Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02211,4201,4931,481
Rehovot 0222Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02227,1807,3436,966
Rehovot 0231Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02312,7503,1823,877
Rehovot 0232Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 02325,0405,2315,659
Rehovot 0311Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 03112,1302,4082,505
Rehovot 0312Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 03125,1406,1627,365
Rehovot 0313Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 03132,4803,0793,411
Rehovot 0321Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 03214,4805,3855,971
Rehovot 0322Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 03225,0305,1665,108
Rehovot 0411Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04113,5103,4923,665
Rehovot 0412Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04122,4202,6562,456
Rehovot 0413Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04134,6704,8025,047
Rehovot 0414Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04144,0504,1144,161
Rehovot 0421Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04213,5703,4863,659
Rehovot 0422Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04221,2101,2151,129
Rehovot 0423Commercial Areaרחובות 0423...14...
Rehovot 0424Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04245,4707,3237,589
Rehovot 0425Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04254,1804,6295,426
Rehovot 0431Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04315,6507,4319,830
Rehovot 0432Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 04325,7305,4085,302
Rehovot 0433Residential Area (jewish)רחובות 0433730733757
Tel Aviv [Gush Dan]Metropolitan Areaתל אביב (גוש דן)2,436,8202,606,4722,749,927

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2021)
Age Groups (E 2021)
0-14 years40,380
15-64 years83,946
65+ years23,551
Age Distribution (E 2021)
0-9 years27,884
10-19 years21,900
20-29 years16,000
30-39 years19,452
40-49 years19,844
50-59 years13,219
60-69 years12,654
70-79 years11,217
80+ years5,707
Ethnic Group (E 2021)
Jews & Others147,506

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