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Petah Tiqwa

Urban Locality (jewish) in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan)

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Petah Tiqwa [Petah Tikva]Urban Locality (jewish)פתח תקווה219,300247,956
Petah Tiqwa 0111Industrial Areaפתח תקווה 01115701,914
Petah Tiqwa 0112Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01124,2204,508
Petah Tiqwa 0113Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01135,8606,283
Petah Tiqwa 0114Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01143,7403,730
Petah Tiqwa 0115Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01158,60014,893
Petah Tiqwa 0121+129Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 0121+12914,25019,542
Petah Tiqwa 0122Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01225,0405,006
Petah Tiqwa 0123Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01233,6803,608
Petah Tiqwa 0124Industrial Areaפתח תקווה 0124......
Petah Tiqwa 0125Industrial Areaפתח תקווה 0125046
Petah Tiqwa 0126Industrial Areaפתח תקווה 0126......
Petah Tiqwa 0127Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01272,2102,350
Petah Tiqwa 0128Industrial Areaפתח תקווה 01280881
Petah Tiqwa 0131Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01314,3605,302
Petah Tiqwa 0132Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 0132830799
Petah Tiqwa 0133Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01332,2202,185
Petah Tiqwa 0134Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01342,0601,902
Petah Tiqwa 0141Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01411,5401,624
Petah Tiqwa 0142Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01421,2901,444
Petah Tiqwa 0143Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01432,8402,806
Petah Tiqwa 0144Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01442,2102,138
Petah Tiqwa 0145Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01453,3403,254
Petah Tiqwa 0146Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 01461,4101,381
Petah Tiqwa 0211+0214Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 0211+021411,11012,973
Petah Tiqwa 0212Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02125,5607,716
Petah Tiqwa 0213Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02131,3401,334
Petah Tiqwa 0221Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02213,1803,099
Petah Tiqwa 0222Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02222,6103,352
Petah Tiqwa 0223Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02233,3103,689
Petah Tiqwa 0224Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02243,2603,114
Petah Tiqwa 0231Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02316,1506,506
Petah Tiqwa 0232Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02323,0503,268
Petah Tiqwa 0233Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02333,0903,088
Petah Tiqwa 0234Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02343,1603,264
Petah Tiqwa 0235Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02352,5202,710
Petah Tiqwa 0236Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 02363,7603,775
Petah Tiqwa 0311Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03115,1004,820
Petah Tiqwa 0312Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03124,7704,830
Petah Tiqwa 0313Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03133,8503,637
Petah Tiqwa 0321Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03214,4004,491
Petah Tiqwa 0322Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03222,4002,441
Petah Tiqwa 0323Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03233,0202,894
Petah Tiqwa 0324Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 03243,1703,115
Petah Tiqwa 0411Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04111,6901,646
Petah Tiqwa 0412Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04122,6602,505
Petah Tiqwa 0413Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04131,9701,984
Petah Tiqwa 0414Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04143,9003,663
Petah Tiqwa 0415Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04152,4002,510
Petah Tiqwa 0421Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04213,2403,259
Petah Tiqwa 0422Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04222,7002,846
Petah Tiqwa 0423Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04234,8905,584
Petah Tiqwa 0424Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04244,2404,277
Petah Tiqwa 0431Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04312,4602,538
Petah Tiqwa 0432Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04322,9002,818
Petah Tiqwa 0433Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04334,0504,082
Petah Tiqwa 0434Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 04341,5901,460
Petah Tiqwa 0511Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05111,4901,967
Petah Tiqwa 0512Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05123,1103,407
Petah Tiqwa 0513Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05133,4903,512
Petah Tiqwa 0514Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 0514770768
Petah Tiqwa 0515Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05151,6501,753
Petah Tiqwa 0516Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05161,1201,269
Petah Tiqwa 0521Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05214,6105,474
Petah Tiqwa 0522Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05225,1306,759
Petah Tiqwa 0523Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05235,1709,003
Petah Tiqwa 0524Residential Area (jewish)פתח תקווה 05245,0105,159
Tel Aviv [Gush Dan]Metropolitan Areaתל אביב (גוש דן)2,436,8202,689,911

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel (web).

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2019)
Age Groups (E 2019)
0-14 years63,769
15-64 years144,294
65+ years39,893
Age Distribution (E 2019)
0-9 years44,515
10-19 years35,849
20-29 years26,904
30-39 years31,873
40-49 years34,341
50-59 years23,656
60-69 years23,293
70-79 years17,322
80+ years10,203
Ethnic Group (E 2019)
Jews & Others247,595

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