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Kefar Sava

Urban Locality (jewish) in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan)

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Kefar Sava [Kfar Saba]Urban Locality (jewish)כפר סבא91,664100,039101,801
Kefar Sava 0011Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00113,3803,2733,302
Kefar Sava 0012Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00124,9204,9564,714
Kefar Sava 0013Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00135,2505,3225,267
Kefar Sava 0014Industrial Areaכפר סבא 0014...10...
Kefar Sava 0015Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00154,0004,4134,300
Kefar Sava 0016Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00161,7301,7221,674
Kefar Sava 0021Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00215,9609,89612,016
Kefar Sava 0022Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00228,83012,70313,162
Kefar Sava 0031Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00312,8202,7592,720
Kefar Sava 0032Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00322,6502,6532,543
Kefar Sava 0033Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00332,5102,5642,594
Kefar Sava 0034Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00343,5303,5013,669
Kefar Sava 0035Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00352,1702,1142,113
Kefar Sava 0036Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00363,2803,3723,450
Kefar Sava 0037Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00373,3803,2933,156
Kefar Sava 0041Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00413,5003,5353,579
Kefar Sava 0042Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00422,2902,2432,355
Kefar Sava 0043Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00432,7902,7832,678
Kefar Sava 0044Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00445,1805,1324,818
Kefar Sava 0045Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00452,6302,6932,759
Kefar Sava 0051Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00514,5304,6454,509
Kefar Sava 0052Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00523,0803,1273,035
Kefar Sava 0053Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00533,4703,3613,205
Kefar Sava 0054Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00543,3403,3313,336
Kefar Sava 0055Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00553,2603,1993,365
Kefar Sava 0056Residential Area (jewish)כפר סבא 00563,1803,4413,480
Tel Aviv [Gush Dan]Metropolitan Areaתל אביב (גוש דן)2,436,8202,606,4722,749,927

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2021)
Age Groups (E 2021)
0-14 years23,603
15-64 years57,696
65+ years20,503
Age Distribution (E 2021)
0-9 years15,702
10-19 years14,669
20-29 years9,723
30-39 years11,399
40-49 years15,022
50-59 years9,970
60-69 years10,404
70-79 years9,875
80+ years5,038
Ethnic Group (E 2021)
Jews & Others101,596

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