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Urban Locality (jewish) in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan)

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HolonUrban Locality (jewish)חולון186,400196,282
Holon 0111Industrial Areaחולון 0111......
Holon 0112Industrial Areaחולון 0112......
Holon 0113Industrial Areaחולון 0113......
Holon 0114Industrial Areaחולון 0114150143
Holon 0115Open Spaceחולון 0115......
Holon 0211Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02114,1804,137
Holon 0212Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02123,9403,862
Holon 0213Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02134,5304,460
Holon 0214Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02144,3604,310
Holon 0215Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02152,0302,401
Holon 0216Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02163,0803,100
Holon 0221Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02211,6501,640
Holon 0222Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02221,8601,862
Holon 0223Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02232,9902,909
Holon 0224Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02242,1802,145
Holon 0225Residential Area (jewish)חולון 02254,5304,592
Holon 0311Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03112,4502,440
Holon 0312Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03122,2302,464
Holon 0313Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03133,5603,594
Holon 0314Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03143,0703,026
Holon 0321Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03213,4303,777
Holon 0322Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03222,3302,850
Holon 0323Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03233,7403,735
Holon 0324Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03243,4703,543
Holon 0331Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03312,6802,606
Holon 0332Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03322,0001,947
Holon 0333Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03332,7002,567
Holon 0334Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03342,1102,093
Holon 0335Residential Area (jewish)חולון 03354,3304,251
Holon 0411Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04111,2405,036
Holon 0412Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04123,3003,136
Holon 0413Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04135,6405,996
Holon 0414Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04146,0206,623
Holon 0415Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04153,3104,575
Holon 0416Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04169,73013,424
Holon 0421Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04210247
Holon 0422Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04223,5204,326
Holon 0423Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04233,0902,926
Holon 0424Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04242,3202,104
Holon 0425Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04253,3903,212
Holon 0426Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04262,9702,773
Holon 0427Residential Area (jewish)חולון 04274,3304,154
Holon 0511Open Spaceחולון 0511......
Holon 0512Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05124,1804,188
Holon 0513Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05131,3901,295
Holon 0514Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05144,2604,002
Holon 0521Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05214,6204,563
Holon 0522Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05223,1203,064
Holon 0523Residential Area (jewish)חולון 05234,1304,272
Holon 0611Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06114,1404,023
Holon 0612Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06122,6002,473
Holon 0613Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06132,4302,369
Holon 0614Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06144,5804,651
Holon 0615Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06152,8002,616
Holon 0621Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06215,5305,508
Holon 0622Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06224,2104,287
Holon 0623Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06233,8303,894
Holon 0624Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06243,5203,427
Holon 0625Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06254,3704,516
Holon 0626Residential Area (jewish)חולון 06264,2404,146
Tel Aviv [Gush Dan]Metropolitan Areaתל אביב (גוש דן)2,436,8202,689,911

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel (web).

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2019)
Age Groups (E 2019)
0-14 years44,200
15-64 years117,532
65+ years34,552
Age Distribution (E 2019)
0-9 years30,563
10-19 years25,747
20-29 years22,118
30-39 years26,836
40-49 years26,862
50-59 years19,802
60-69 years20,370
70-79 years14,959
80+ years9,027
Ethnic Group (E 2019)
Jews & Others195,983

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