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Ramat HaSharon

Urban Locality (jewish) in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan)

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Ramat HaSharonUrban Locality (jewish)רמת השרון43,85047,245
Ramat HaSharon 0011Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00115,3806,985
Ramat HaSharon 0012Open Spaceרמת השרון 0012......
Ramat HaSharon 0013Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00135,0405,027
Ramat HaSharon 0014Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00144,9205,099
Ramat HaSharon 0021Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00213,8903,851
Ramat HaSharon 0022Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00224,4504,290
Ramat HaSharon 0023Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00233,8503,926
Ramat HaSharon 0024Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00243,5003,779
Ramat HaSharon 0031Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00314,7404,723
Ramat HaSharon 0032Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00323,4503,278
Ramat HaSharon 0033Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00332,1402,589
Ramat HaSharon 0034Open Spaceרמת השרון 0034......
Ramat HaSharon 0035Open Spaceרמת השרון 0035......
Ramat HaSharon 0036Residential Area (jewish)רמת השרון 00362,4903,692
Ramat HaSharon 0037 [HaKfar HaYarok]Institutional Areaרמת השרון 0037......
Ramat HaSharon 0038Commercial Areaרמת השרון 003806
Tel Aviv [Gush Dan]Metropolitan Areaתל אביב (גוש דן)2,436,8202,689,911

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel (web).

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2019)
Age Groups (E 2019)
0-14 years11,458
15-64 years26,909
65+ years8,880
Age Distribution (E 2019)
0-9 years7,524
10-19 years7,248
20-29 years4,323
30-39 years5,136
40-49 years7,223
50-59 years4,794
60-69 years4,599
70-79 years3,930
80+ years2,470
Ethnic Group (E 2019)
Jews & Others47,186

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