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Mühldorf a. Inn

County in Bavaria


The population of Mühldorf a. Inn.

Mühldorf a. InnCounty106,414
Bayern [Bavaria]State12,397,614

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The population of the settlements in Mühldorf a. Inn.

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Name StatusCountyPopulation
AmpfingSettlementMühldorf a. Inn4,950
Aschau a. InnSettlementMühldorf a. Inn2,020
BuchbachSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,900
EgglkofenSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,000
ErhartingSettlementMühldorf a. Inn510
FöhrenwinkelSettlementMühldorf a. Inn510
Gars a. InnSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,140
Gars BahnhofSettlementMühldorf a. Inn780
Haag i. OBSettlementMühldorf a. Inn5,170
HartSettlementMühldorf a. Inn2,620
HeldensteinSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,350
Kraiburg a. InnSettlementMühldorf a. Inn2,910
MaitenbethSettlementMühldorf a. Inn960
MößlingSettlementMühldorf a. Inn730
Mühldorf a. InnSettlementMühldorf a. Inn15,700
Neumarkt-Sankt VeitSettlementMühldorf a. Inn4,570
NiederndorfSettlementMühldorf a. Inn720
OberbergkirchenSettlementMühldorf a. Inn840
OberflossingSettlementMühldorf a. Inn610
ObertaufkirchenSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,050
PollingSettlementMühldorf a. Inn1,080
RechtmehringSettlementMühldorf a. Inn540
SchwindeggSettlementMühldorf a. Inn2,560
TaufkirchenSettlementMühldorf a. Inn610
WaldkraiburgSettlementMühldorf a. Inn19,400
ZangbergSettlementMühldorf a. Inn920

Source: Boundaries and population of settlements are computed by »City Population« using population figures in a 100m grid provided by the Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland (web) and using geospatial data of the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (web). The settlements are delimited by unsettled and not built-up areas as well as by municipal boundaries.

Because of the computation method, the above population figures are not exact and therefore rounded. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.