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Landsberg am Lech

County in Bavaria


The population of Landsberg am Lech.

Landsberg am LechCounty113,085
Bayern [Bavaria]State12,397,614

Contents: Settlements

The population of the settlements in Landsberg am Lech.

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Name StatusCountyPopulation
ApfeldorfSettlementLandsberg am Lech980
AschSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,120
DenklingenSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,750
DettenschwangSettlementLandsberg am Lech650
Dießen am AmmerseeSettlementLandsberg am Lech6,770
Eching am AmmerseeSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,610
Egling a.d. PaarSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,690
EpfachSettlementLandsberg am Lech510
Epfenhausen - UntermühlhausenSettlementLandsberg am Lech680
EresingSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,220
ErpftingSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,110
FinningSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,350
GeltendorfSettlementLandsberg am Lech3,000
GreifenbergSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,210
HofstettenSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,260
Holzhausen bei BuchloeSettlementLandsberg am Lech710
HurlachSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,520
IglingSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,660
IssingSettlementLandsberg am Lech930
KaltenbergSettlementLandsberg am Lech600
KauferingSettlementLandsberg am Lech9,960
KinsauSettlementLandsberg am Lech920
Landsberg am LechSettlementLandsberg am Lech24,300
LeederSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,620
LengenfeldSettlementLandsberg am Lech770
LudenhausenSettlementLandsberg am Lech510
NeugreifenbergSettlementLandsberg am Lech680
ObermeitingenSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,370
PenzingSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,840
PflugdorfSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,030
PitzlingSettlementLandsberg am Lech650
PrittrichingSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,950
PürgenSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,430
ReichlingSettlementLandsberg am Lech960
ReischSettlementLandsberg am Lech550
RiederauSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,230
RottSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,320
ScheuringSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,810
SchöffeldingSettlementLandsberg am Lech680
Schondorf am AmmerseeSettlementLandsberg am Lech3,730
Schwabhausen bei LandsbergSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,010
SchwiftingSettlementLandsberg am Lech880
StoffenSettlementLandsberg am Lech590
ThainingSettlementLandsberg am Lech890
UnterdießenSettlementLandsberg am Lech860
Utting am AmmerseeSettlementLandsberg am Lech4,220
WalleshausenSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,110
WeilSettlementLandsberg am Lech1,270
WindachSettlementLandsberg am Lech2,540

Source: Boundaries and population of settlements are computed by »City Population« using population figures in a 100m grid provided by the Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland (web) and using geospatial data of the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (web). The settlements are delimited by unsettled and not built-up areas as well as by municipal boundaries.

Because of the computation method, the above population figures are not exact and therefore rounded. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.