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The population of the communes belonging to the agglomeration (l'unité urbaine) of Strasbourg.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, immigration).

Canardiere Est EstStatistical Area3,4102,552
Canardiere Est SudStatistical Area1,7481,960
Canardiere Ouest EstStatistical Area2,1942,394
Canardiere Ouest OuestStatistical Area4,0093,618
Cite de l'Ill EstStatistical Area2,0281,681
Cite de l'Ill OuestStatistical Area2,4812,637
Contades CentreStatistical Area3,3773,534
Contades NordStatistical Area1,4111,417
Contades SudStatistical Area3,2163,412
Cronenbourg Est Centre-EstStatistical Area2,2952,171
Cronenbourg Est Centre-OuestStatistical Area2,2622,352
Cronenbourg Est Nord-EstStatistical Area231165
Cronenbourg Est Nord-OuestStatistical Area1,9912,221
Cronenbourg Est SudStatistical Area2,3332,517
Cronenbourg Ouest EstStatistical Area1,9753,126
Cronenbourg Ouest Nord-EstStatistical Area3,0242,514
Cronenbourg Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area712499
Cronenbourg Ouest OuestStatistical Area2,3802,975
Cronenbourg Ouest SudStatistical Area3,4603,414
Elsau CentreStatistical Area3,7343,128
Elsau EstStatistical Area732568
Elsau OuestStatistical Area2,7572,786
Esplanade Nord EstStatistical Area3,3883,415
Esplanade Nord OuestStatistical Area2,5482,351
Esplanade Sud EstStatistical Area3,2343,697
Esplanade Sud OuestStatistical Area3,7953,528
Foret Noire CentreStatistical Area1,8791,864
Foret Noire EstStatistical Area2,2682,251
Foret Noire OuestStatistical Area1,9591,881
Foret Noire SudStatistical Area2,3442,521
Gare CentreStatistical Area2,4012,454
Gare Nord EstStatistical Area2,7002,721
Gare Nord OuestStatistical Area2,3852,221
Gare Sud EstStatistical Area2,3372,804
Gare Sud OuestStatistical Area4,3573,083
Hautepierre CentreStatistical Area2,4561,829
Hautepierre NordStatistical Area2,9252,774
Hautepierre Nord EstStatistical Area2,5622,517
Hautepierre OuestStatistical Area3,5262,972
Hautepierre Sud EstStatistical Area3,5033,341
Hautepierre Sud OuestStatistical Area00
Kable NordStatistical Area320356
Kable Sud EstStatistical Area3,4163,256
Kable Sud OuestStatistical Area2,7812,754
Koenigshoffen Est EstStatistical Area3,3753,301
Koenigshoffen Est OuestStatistical Area2,9493,020
Koenigshoffen Est SudStatistical Area2,0912,320
Koenigshoffen Ouest Centre-EstStatistical Area5,1095,331
Koenigshoffen Ouest Centre-OuestStatistical Area2,5393,787
Koenigshoffen Ouest Nord-EstStatistical Area1613
Koenigshoffen Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area4,1014,932
Koenigshoffen Ouest SudStatistical Area625963
Krutenau Centre EstStatistical Area3,4593,188
Krutenau Centre OuestStatistical Area2,5322,705
Krutenau Nord EstStatistical Area3,3323,291
Krutenau Nord OuestStatistical Area2,4672,222
Mairie NordStatistical Area2,1032,484
Mairie SudStatistical Area3,5583,549
Montagne Verte Centre OuestStatistical Area3,2894,146
Montagne Verte Nord EstStatistical Area2,8192,420
Montagne Verte Nord OuestStatistical Area2,0172,157
Montagne Verte SudStatistical Area1,5901,564
Montagne Verte Sud EstStatistical Area2,1442,152
Neudorf Est CentreStatistical Area2,2683,363
Neudorf Est Centre EstStatistical Area2,3792,524
Neudorf Est Centre OuestStatistical Area2,8452,826
Neudorf Est NordStatistical Area22235
Neudorf Est SudStatistical Area2,9322,378
Neudorf Ouest CentreStatistical Area2,5112,863
Neudorf Ouest Centre-EstStatistical Area2,1202,144
Neudorf Ouest Centre-OuestStatistical Area1,9561,981
Neudorf Ouest Nord EstStatistical Area1,1171,805
Neudorf Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area68606
Neudorf Ouest SudStatistical Area2,0122,064
Neudorf Ouest Sud-EstStatistical Area1,9331,888
Neudorf Sud CentreStatistical Area1,9301,998
Neudorf Sud Centre EstStatistical Area1,8781,945
Neudorf Sud Centre OuestStatistical Area1,9302,182
Neudorf Sud NordStatistical Area2,0811,886
Neudorf Sud SudStatistical Area2,3712,166
Neudorf Sud Sud EstStatistical Area2,4392,672
Neudorf Sud Sud OuestStatistical Area2,1702,245
Neuhof NordStatistical Area3,2052,810
Neuhof SudStatistical Area2,0032,185
Orangerie EstStatistical Area4,3714,105
Orangerie OuestStatistical Area2,0692,025
Petite France CentreStatistical Area2,2342,229
Petite France Nord EstStatistical Area2,3332,383
Petite France Nord OuestStatistical Area2,1582,179
Petite France SudStatistical Area2,2662,229
Plaine des Bouchers CentreStatistical Area1,5791,684
Plaine des Bouchers EstStatistical Area2,2082,197
Plaine des Bouchers OuestStatistical Area1,4941,865
Poincare EstStatistical Area2,7842,853
Poincare OuestStatistical Area4,2113,934
Polygone EstStatistical Area1,3532,124
Polygone OuestStatistical Area2,5662,781
Polygone SudStatistical Area2,5482,486
Port du Rhin CentreStatistical Area1132
Port du Rhin Centre EstStatistical Area1,3341,770
Port du Rhin Centre OuestStatistical Area2,7393,235
Port du Rhin NordStatistical Area103145
Port du Rhin SudStatistical Area43512
Port du Rhin Sud OuestStatistical Area9324
Robertsau CentreStatistical Area2,1212,249
Robertsau EstStatistical Area2,7142,628
Robertsau NordStatistical Area3,1143,832
Robertsau OuestStatistical Area3,6633,731
Robertsau Sud EstStatistical Area3,2743,784
Robertsau Sud OuestStatistical Area2,0981,823
Stockfeld EstStatistical Area2,2712,248
Stockfeld NordStatistical Area3,0513,651
Stockfeld OuestStatistical Area2,3012,991
Vauban EstStatistical Area2,5532,750
Vauban OuestStatistical Area2,6722,548
Vauban SudStatistical Area2,2732,208

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France (web).

Explanation: Communes in the boundaries of 1 January 2018. France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2016)
Age Groups (E 2016)
0-17 years57,012
18-64 years183,134
65+ years39,138
Age Distribution (E 2016)
0-14 years48,202
15-29 years78,242
30-44 years55,535
45-59 years45,203
60-74 years32,547
75+ years19,555
Nationality (E 2016)
Immigration (E 2016)
No immigrant219,953