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The population of the communes belonging to the agglomeration (l'unité urbaine) of Nancy.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, citizenship, immigration).

A. France Sud Bertin NordStatistical Area3,0632,863
Albert Ier Verdun IsabeyStatistical Area3,5193,518
Boufflers Sud-Ouest BeauregardStatistical Area2,9602,538
ButhegnemontStatistical Area1,7881,754
Canal Marne au Rhin Est M. BrotStatistical Area3928
Centre Gare MarcheStatistical Area662704
Charles Iii Nord Tiercelins St-GeorgesStatistical Area4,7154,185
Charles Iii Sud JardiniersStatistical Area2,3351,825
Citadelle Sellier C. de FoucauldStatistical Area2,6612,679
Colline BoudonvilleStatistical Area2,3722,293
Colline ScarponeStatistical Area2,6952,622
Cours LeopoldStatistical Area3,2103,322
Croix de Bourgogne MouilleronStatistical Area2,8732,838
Cure d'AirStatistical Area1,8371,928
Foch CommanderieStatistical Area3,6533,354
Gambetta Carmes FaiencerieStatistical Area2,5292,492
HaussonvilleStatistical Area2,4002,434
Haut-du-Lievre Blanc SycomoreStatistical Area1,899904
Haut-du-Lievre Nord GentillyStatistical Area2,2853,003
Haut-du-Lievre Tamaris Tilleul ArgenteStatistical Area1,7781,775
Keller Metz Joli CoeurStatistical Area3,3813,806
Leclerc Nord Garenne SudStatistical Area1,7211,943
Leclerc Sud Chevert ExelmansStatistical Area2,3662,587
Leclerc Sud Saurupt ClemenceauStatistical Area2,6622,480
Lionnois Hopital Central MaterniteStatistical Area608487
Mon Desert Nord Jeanne d'Arc EstStatistical Area2,2962,289
Mon Desert Sud Jeanne d'Arc OuestStatistical Area1,7071,635
Olry Lobau RemenauvilleStatistical Area2,1032,744
Oudinot Cimetiere du Sud DoumerStatistical Area1,9151,879
Pepiniere Vieille VilleStatistical Area1,8081,862
Pichon Place des Vosges Lebrun NordStatistical Area3,0502,863
Port Sainte-Catherine Le Jardin d'EauStatistical Area757848
Preville PattonStatistical Area3,7383,642
Prouve Republique Garenne NordStatistical Area3,9474,038
Rene Ii Bonsecours La MadeleineStatistical Area3,1523,091
Rotonde Kennedy BellangeStatistical Area72311
Saint-Sebastien CyffleStatistical Area2,1591,794
SantifontaineStatistical Area1,9811,857
Vauban Nord Placieux Parc Sainte-MarieStatistical Area3,4273,109
Vauban Sud Gebhart TurinazStatistical Area3,5773,144
V. Mauvais Vayringe CrosneStatistical Area3,1263,173
Xxe Corps Nord Oberlin Mac-MahonStatistical Area4,4014,839
Xxe Corps Sud Austrasie MeurtheStatistical Area2,1213,112

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France (web).

Explanation: Communes in the boundaries of 1 January 2018. France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2016)
Age Groups (E 2016)
0-17 years15,501
18-64 years74,321
65+ years14,770
Age Distribution (E 2016)
0-14 years12,849
15-29 years37,731
30-44 years19,035
45-59 years15,469
60-74 years12,001
75+ years7,507
Citizenship (E 2016)
Immigration (E 2016)
No immigrant92,444