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Marseille 13e Arrondissement

Municipal Arrondissement in Marseille - Aix-en-Provence Agglomeration

Contents: Communes

The population of the communes belonging to the agglomeration (l'unité urbaine) of Marseille - Aix-en-Provence.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, immigration).

Marseille 13e ArrondissementMunicipal Arrondissement89,31691,754
Château-Gombert-FumadeStatistical Area2,5103,507
Château-Gombert-TechnopoleStatistical Area2,5833,278
CorotStatistical Area3,4023,078
Daudet PerrinStatistical Area2,4682,728
DelpratStatistical Area2,0072,413
FondacleStatistical Area1,8231,878
Frais VallonStatistical Area4,3413,669
La BaronneStatistical Area3,6424,075
LacordaireStatistical Area1,9091,982
La MarieStatistical Area2,8002,983
La MaurelleStatistical Area3,2293,003
La MongraneStatistical Area1,9662,347
Le ClosStatistical Area2,1032,211
Les BalustresStatistical Area2,0342,421
Les Cedres-CypresStatistical Area2,289674
Les Floralies-Beau PlanStatistical Area2,2242,332
Les JonquillesStatistical Area2,8972,860
Les MedecinsStatistical Area1,0681,174
Les MouretsStatistical Area1,8221,951
Les Olives VillageStatistical Area2,0371,764
Les PrairiesStatistical Area1,7581,973
Les Vieux CypresStatistical Area3,5513,850
Lilas-OliviersStatistical Area2,1932,156
Malpasse-RoubaixStatistical Area3,5613,442
Metro La RoseStatistical Area3,3833,277
Normandie NiemenStatistical Area4,0803,943
Oliviers-LauriersStatistical Area3,1134,303
PalamaStatistical Area2,5922,303
Ravelle-Mont RiantStatistical Area2,5703,181
Saint-Jerome PelabonStatistical Area2,1481,901
Saint-Paul CorotStatistical Area2,4882,271
Saint-TheodoreStatistical Area2,1822,174
Tilleuls-ValmontStatistical Area2,5812,600
Val d'AzurStatistical Area2,4242,376
Val PlanStatistical Area1,5391,680
Marseille - Aix-en-ProvenceAgglomeration1,558,3791,587,537

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France (web).

Explanation: Communes in the boundaries of 1 January 2018. France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2016)
Age Groups (E 2016)
0-17 years22,526
18-64 years53,897
65+ years15,331
Age Distribution (E 2016)
0-14 years18,874
15-29 years18,301
30-44 years16,482
45-59 years17,353
60-74 years13,031
75+ years7,713
Nationality (E 2016)
Immigration (E 2016)
No immigrant79,452