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San José (Costa Rica)


The population development of San José.

San JoséProvince890,4341,345,7501,404,242
Costa RicaRepublic2,416,8093,810,1794,301,712

Contents: Urban Districts

The population development of the urban districts in San José.

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Name StatusProvincePopulation
AlajuelitaDistrict (urban part)San José8,28012,24711,988
Anselmo LlorenteDistrict (urban part)San José8,13810,1039,986
AserríDistrict (urban part)San José4,85523,05926,558
BarbacoasDistrict (urban part)San José......204
BrasilDistrict (urban part)San José......2,586
CajónDistrict (urban part)San José......1,689
Calle BlancosDistrict (urban part)San José16,15519,41118,984
CarmenDistrict (urban part)San José5,9423,3602,702
CascajalDistrict (urban part)San José......5,572
CatedralDistrict (urban part)San José21,57415,34112,936
Cinco EsquinasDistrict (urban part)San José27,1406,3795,925
ColimaDistrict (urban part)San José...14,24813,525
Colón (Ciudad Colón)District (urban part)San José2,8268,63311,263
Concepción de AlajuelitaDistrict (urban part)San José11,05818,76218,721
CurridabatDistrict (urban part)San José19,82130,31628,817
DamasDistrict (urban part)San José7,18512,99313,175
Daniel FloresDistrict (urban part)San José...8,93728,693
DesamparadosDistrict (urban part)San José43,35236,43733,866
Dulce Nombre de JesúsDistrict (urban part)San José...6,8399,554
FrailesDistrict (urban part)San José......492
GranadillaDistrict (urban part)San José1,11011,30314,778
Gravilias de DesamparadosDistrict (urban part)San José...15,84615,024
GuadalupeDistrict (urban part)San José25,50623,72320,663
GuayaboDistrict (urban part)San José......529
HatilloDistrict (urban part)San José52,53954,90150,511
HospitalDistrict (urban part)San José27,09724,17519,270
Ipís de GoicoecheaDistrict (urban part)San José25,58626,15526,033
La TrinidadDistrict (urban part)San José...9,95519,767
León XIIIDistrict (urban part)San José...16,40013,661
Los Guido (← Patarrá)District (urban part)San José......24,102
Mata de PlátanoDistrict (urban part)San José5,80615,92617,248
Mata RedondaDistrict (urban part)San José9,4869,3218,313
MercedDistrict (urban part)San José15,36313,56512,257
Mercedes de Montes de OcaDistrict (urban part)San José4,4194,8724,688
Monterrey de AserríDistrict (urban part)San José......189
PalmichalDistrict (urban part)San José...1,3771,147
PatalilloDistrict (urban part)San José6,02517,73120,349
PatarráDistrict (urban part)San José...21,37410,351
PavasDistrict (urban part)San José31,69076,17771,384
PejibayeDistrict (urban part)San José......1,053
PiedadesDistrict (urban part)San José......7,524
PozosDistrict (urban part)San José...5,27715,585
PurralDistrict (urban part)San José...26,76727,464
Rancho RedondoDistrict (urban part)San José......975
SabanillaDistrict (urban part)San José6,76211,32410,775
SalitralDistrict (urban part)San José...2,5251,966
SalitrillosDistrict (urban part)San José...5,11411,024
San Antonio [in: León Cortés Castro canton]District (urban part)San José......979
San Antonio de AlajuelitaDistrict (urban part)San José......3,962
San Antonio de DesamparadosDistrict (urban part)San José7,2989,3959,727
San Antonio de EscazúDistrict (urban part)San José2,24416,07222,143
SánchezDistrict (urban part)San José1,1682,9355,364
San Felipe de AlajuelitaDistrict (urban part)San José2,54022,26731,649
San FranciscoDistrict (urban part)San José3,1382,5522,032
San Francisco de Dos RíosDistrict (urban part)San José15,25621,72420,209
San Gabriel de AserríDistrict (urban part)San José......1,109
San Ignacio de AcostaDistrict (urban part)San José5472,7381,377
San Isidro de CoronadoDistrict (urban part)San José8,39214,83016,502
San Isidro de El GeneralDistrict (urban part)San José14,52928,52733,820
San Jerónimo de MoraviaDistrict (urban part)San José......5,807
San Josecito de AlajuelitaDistrict (urban part)San José...7,52810,506
San Juan de DiosDistrict (urban part)San José4,44413,78619,481
San Juan de TibásDistrict (urban part)San José22,41524,94421,745
San LorenzoDistrict (urban part)San José......1,411
San Marcos de TarrazúDistrict (urban part)San José9803,7926,780
San Miguel de DesamparadosDistrict (urban part)San José...25,69130,207
San Miguel de EscazúDistrict (urban part)San José9,92511,44311,984
San Pablo de León CortésDistrict (urban part)San José8452,5153,965
San Pablo de TurrubaresDistrict (urban part)San José302769736
San Pedro de Montes de OcaDistrict (urban part)San José24,51926,52423,977
San Rafael [in: Montes de Oca canton]District (urban part)San José1,7755,5559,692
San Rafael AbajoDistrict (urban part)San José11,55522,48123,283
San Rafael ArribaDistrict (urban part)San José7,34412,16215,262
San Rafael de CoronadoDistrict (urban part)San José...4,3176,350
San Rafael de EscazúDistrict (urban part)San José5,93519,19821,971
San SebastiánDistrict (urban part)San José35,08143,24540,065
Santa AnaDistrict (urban part)San José5,3677,27611,320
Santa María de DotaDistrict (urban part)San José8621,1052,128
SantiagoDistrict (urban part)San José3,1437,3907,530
San VicenteDistrict (urban part)San José24,66131,69330,998
TabarciaDistrict (urban part)San José......287
TirrasesDistrict (urban part)San José5,77515,82616,247
Uruca (La Uruca) [in: San José canton]District (urban part)San José8,93227,11031,728
Uruca [in: Santa Ana canton]District (urban part)San José...2,9376,779
Vuelta de JorcoDistrict (urban part)San José...1,6242,300
ZapoteDistrict (urban part)San José18,50420,75318,679

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (web).

Explanation: For districts, the urban population is presented. The area in the map, however, represents the complete district. The census figures are not adjusted for underenumeration.