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Colombia: Bogotá

Contents: Boroughs

The population of the boroughs of the Municipal Capital of Bogotá according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution).

Antonio Nariño (Localidad 15)Borough76,646
Barrios Unidos (Localidad 12)Borough126,294
Bosa (Localidad 7)Borough671,181
Chapinero (Localidad 2)Borough151,024
Ciudad Bolívar (Localidad 19)Borough584,030
Engativá (Localidad 10)Borough768,777
Fontibón (Localidad 9)Borough354,322
Kennedy (Localidad 8)Borough987,731
La Candelaria (Localidad 17)Borough15,959
Los Mártires (Localidad 14)Borough69,966
Puente Aranda (Localidad 16)Borough231,090
Rafael Uribe Uribe (Localidad 18)Borough344,769
San Cristóbal (Localidad 4)Borough371,857
Santa Fe (Localidad 3)Borough99,798
Suba (Localidad 11)Borough1,113,416
Teusaquillo (Localidad 13)Borough139,643
Tunjuelito (Localidad 6)Borough165,891
Usaquén (Localidad 1)Borough518,625
Usme (Localidad 5)Borough343,423
BogotáMunicipal Capital7,387,400

Source: Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica, Republica de Columbia (web).

Explanation: The boundaries, population and area figures of boroughs refer only to the municipal capital, i.e. the urban main area of the municipality. They are determined by using stastistical neighborhoods whose boundaries sometimes slightly deviate from borough boundaries. Their population figures is not adjusted for underenumeration; some counted persons are not assigned to any borough. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (C 2018)
Age Groups (C 2018)
0-14 years1,330,418
15-64 years5,200,649
65+ years635,182
Age Distribution (C 2018)
0-9 years857,867
10-19 years1,026,844
20-29 years1,373,654
30-39 years1,180,896
40-49 years931,082
50-59 years850,838
60-69 years536,394
70-79 years270,209
80-89 years115,581
90+ years22,884