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Huángyán Qū

District in Táizhōu Shì / 台州市


The population of Huángyán Qū.

Huángyán Qū黄岩区District632,123
Táizhōu Shì台州市Prefecture-level City5,968,838

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The population of the townships in Huángyán Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕichéng Jiēdào北城街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū54,189
Bĕiyáng Zhèn北洋镇TownHuángyán Qū22,244
Chéngjiāng Jiēdào澄江街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū34,512
Dōngchéng Jiēdào东城街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū97,561
Fùshān Xiāng富山乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū4,305
Gāoqiáo Jiēdào高桥街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū23,140
Jiāngkŏu Jiēdào江口街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū40,315
Máoshē Xiāng茅畲乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū5,745
Nánchéng Jiēdào南城街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū31,505
Níngxī Zhèn宁溪镇TownHuángyán Qū23,182
Píngtián Xiāng平田乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū3,843
Shābù Zhèn沙埠镇TownHuángyán Qū20,863
Shàngyáng Xiāng上垟乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū6,830
Shàngzhèng Xiāng上郑乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū5,705
Tóutuó Zhèn头陀镇TownHuángyán Qū31,743
Xīchéng Jiēdào西城街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū90,672
Xīnqián Jiēdào新前街道Urban SubdistrictHuángyán Qū55,718
Yuànqiáo Zhèn院桥镇TownHuángyán Qū73,819
Yŭtóu Xiāng屿头乡Rural TownshipHuángyán Qū6,232

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).