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Xīxiāng Xiàn

County in Hànzhōng Shì / 汉中市


The population of Xīxiāng Xiàn.

Xīxiāng Xiàn西乡县County341,812
Hànzhōng Shì汉中市Prefecture-level City3,416,196

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Xīxiāng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báilóngtáng Zhèn白龙塘镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn13,488
Báimiănxiá Zhèn白勉峡镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn5,963
Chá Zhèn茶镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn9,639
Chéngguān Zhèn城关镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn99,867
Dàhé Zhèn大河镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn4,716
Gāochuān Zhèn高川镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn13,153
Gŭchéng Zhèn古城镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn15,184
Liănghékŏu Zhèn两河口镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn13,058
Liŭshù Zhèn柳树镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn20,126
Luòjiābà Zhèn骆家坝镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn7,892
Luó Zhèn罗镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn4,786
Măjiāwān Xiāng马家湾乡Rural TownshipXīxiāng Xiàn4,436
Sāngyuán Zhèn桑园镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn9,605
Sānhuāshí Xiāng三花石乡Rural TownshipXīxiāng Xiàn5,896
Shāhé Zhèn沙河镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn25,100
Sīdù Zhèn私渡镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn8,111
Sīshàng Xiāng司上乡Rural TownshipXīxiāng Xiàn4,289
Wŭlĭbà Zhèn五里坝镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn7,918
Xiákŏu Zhèn峡口镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn12,479
Yánghé Zhèn杨河镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn25,668
Yànkŏu Zhèn堰口镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn23,972
Ziwŭ Zhèn子午镇TownXīxiāng Xiàn2,169
Zuŏxī Xiāng左溪乡Rural TownshipXīxiāng Xiàn4,297

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).