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Fùyáng Qū

District in Hángzhōu Shì / 杭州市


The population of Fùyáng Qū.

Fùyáng Qū富阳区District717,694
Hángzhōu Shì杭州市Sub-provincial City8,700,373

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Fùyáng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Cháng'ān Zhèn常安镇TownFùyáng Qū15,052
Chăngkŏu Zhèn场口镇TownFùyáng Qū29,709
Chánglǜ Zhèn常绿镇TownFùyáng Qū9,819
Chūnjiāng Jiēdào春江街道Urban SubdistrictFùyáng Qū49,266
Chūnjiàn Xiāng春建乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū6,429
Dàyuán Zhèn大源镇TownFùyáng Qū35,231
Dòngqiáo Zhèn洞桥镇TownFùyáng Qū15,573
Dōngzhōu Jiēdào东洲街道Urban SubdistrictFùyáng Qū45,715
Fùchūn Jiēdào富春街道Urban SubdistrictFùyáng Qū217,180
Gāoqiáo Zhèn高桥镇TownFùyáng Qū37,799
Huánshān Xiāng环山乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū10,814
Húyuán Xiāng湖源乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū5,784
Língqiáo Zhèn灵桥镇TownFùyáng Qū28,181
Lĭshān Zhèn里山镇TownFùyáng Qū8,062
Lóngmén Zhèn龙门镇TownFùyáng Qū4,664
Lùshān Jiēdào鹿山街道Urban SubdistrictFùyáng Qū25,263
Lùzhŭ Zhèn渌渚镇TownFùyáng Qū12,453
Shàngguān Xiāng上官乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū9,411
Shòujiàng Zhèn受降镇TownFùyáng Qū21,138
Wànshì Zhèn万市镇TownFùyáng Qū18,112
Xīndēng Zhèn新登镇TownFùyáng Qū70,580
Xīntóng Xiāng新桐乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū7,832
Xūkŏu Zhèn胥口镇TownFùyáng Qū15,174
Yŏngchāng Zhèn永昌镇TownFùyáng Qū9,168
Yúshān Xiāng渔山乡Rural TownshipFùyáng Qū9,285

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).