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Yúnyáng Xiàn

County in Chóngqìng Shì / 重庆市


The population of Yúnyáng Xiàn.

Yúnyáng Xiàn云阳县County912,912
Chóngqìng Shì重庆市Provincial City28,846,170

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Yúnyáng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusDistrict / CountyPopulation
Băopíng Zhèn宝坪镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn19,728
Bāyáng Zhèn巴阳镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn10,840
Dàyáng Xiāng大阳乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn8,602
Dònglù Xiāng洞鹿乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn8,207
Fèngmíng Zhèn凤鸣镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn44,846
Gāoyáng Zhèn高阳镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn23,339
Gùlíng Zhèn故陵镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn16,997
Hóngshī Zhèn红狮镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn25,020
Hòuyè Xiāng后叶乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn11,991
Huángshí Zhèn黄石镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn8,778
Jiāngkŏu Zhèn江口镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn88,981
Lóngdòng Xiāng龙洞乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn20,189
Lóngjiăo Zhèn龙角镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,074
Lùyáng Zhèn路阳镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,595
Nánxī Zhèn南溪镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn82,730
Níxī Xiāng泥溪乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn9,007
Nóngbà Zhèn农坝镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,741
Pánlóng Zhèn盘龙镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn30,609
Piàocăo Xiāng票草乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn14,637
Píng'ān Zhèn平安镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn26,155
Pŭ'ān Xiāng普安乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn7,440
Qīnglóng Jiēdào青龙街道办事处Urban SubdistrictYúnyáng Xiàn94,897
Qīngshuĭtŭjiāzúzìzhì Xiāng清水土家族自治乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn11,041
Qīxiá Zhèn栖霞镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn12,776
Qúmă Zhèn渠马镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn10,644
Rénhé Zhèn人和镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn30,398
Sāngpíng Zhèn桑坪镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn18,306
Shàngbà Xiāng上坝乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn6,892
Shāshì Zhèn沙市镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,177
Shímén Xiāng石门乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn5,260
Shuāngjiāng Jiēdào双江街道办事处Urban SubdistrictYúnyáng Xiàn77,414
Shuānglóng Zhèn双龙镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn18,924
Shuāngtŭ Zhèn双土镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn19,061
Shuĭkŏu Xiāng水口乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn9,914
Wàiláng Xiāng外郎乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn5,557
Xīnjīn Xiāng新津乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn6,505
Yănglù Xiāng养鹿乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn11,987
Yànpíng Xiāng堰坪乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn9,770
Yàolíng Xiāng耀灵乡Rural TownshipYúnyáng Xiàn7,791
Yún'ān Zhèn云安镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,573
Yúnyáng Zhèn云阳镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn17,017
Yúquán Zhèn鱼泉镇TownYúnyáng Xiàn13,502

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).