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Chéngdé Xiàn

County in Chéngdé Shì / 承德市


The population of Chéngdé Xiàn.

Chéngdé Xiàn承德县County388,554
Chéngdé Shì承德市Prefecture-level City3,473,201

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The population of the townships in Chéngdé Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānjiàng Xiāng鞍匠乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn14,856
Bājiā Xiāng八家乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn8,519
Cāngzi Xiāng仓子乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn10,062
Chàgōu Xiāng岔沟乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn13,474
Dàyíngzi Xiāng大营子乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn8,593
Dèngshàng Xiāng磴上乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn15,245
Dōngxiăobáiqí Xiāng东小白旗乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn8,572
Găngzi Mănzú Xiāng岗子满族乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn7,427
Gāosìtái Zhèn高寺台镇TownChéngdé Xiàn13,032
Jiăshān Zhèn甲山镇TownChéngdé Xiàn19,933
Liăngjiā Mănzú Xiāng两家满族乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn9,630
Liùgōu Zhèn六沟镇TownChéngdé Xiàn27,084
Liúzhàngzi Xiāng刘杖子乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn10,098
Mănzhàngzi Xiāng满杖子乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn8,267
Mèngjiāyuàn Xiāng孟家院乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn9,964
Sāngōu Zhèn三沟镇TownChéngdé Xiàn20,756
Sānjiā Xiāng三家乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn20,320
Shànggŭ Xiāng上谷乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn19,222
Shíhuīyáo Xiāng石灰窑乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn19,839
Tóugōu Zhèn头沟镇TownChéngdé Xiàn23,423
Wŭdàohé Xiāng五道河乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn7,445
Xiàbănchéng Zhèn下板城镇TownChéngdé Xiàn80,337
Xīnzhàngzi Xiāng新杖子乡Rural TownshipChéngdé Xiàn12,456

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).