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Dānfèng Xiàn

County in Shaanxi

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The population development of Dānfèng Xiàn as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

Dānfèng Xiàn丹凤县County295,833295,349299,700
Shănxī [Shaanxi]陕西省Province35,365,07237,327,37938,354,000

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web), Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: The population changes are partly result of boundary changes. Status and division as of 2018, as far as sufficient information is available. Taking into account boundary changes caused by the creation of Xixian New District (Xīxián Xīn Qū, 西咸新区) with an end-of-2017 population of 987,800, the end-of-2017 population of Xī'ān Shì increases to 9.6167 million. The 2017 population of Xiányáng Shì decreases correspondingly to 4.376 million. Wèiyāng Qū (pop. 701,700), Cháng'ān Qū (pop. 1,009,700), Hùyì Qū (pop. 549,300), Qíndū Qū (pop. 353,000), Wèichéng Qū (pop. 216,000), Jīngyáng Xiàn (pop. 316,600) and Xīngpíng Shì (pop. 509,700) are also affected.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (C 2010)
Urbanization (C 2010)
Age Groups (C 2010)
0-14 years44,595
15-64 years229,040
65+ years21,714
Age Distribution (C 2010)
0-9 years28,522
10-19 years46,541
20-29 years53,314
30-39 years46,461
40-49 years51,498
50-59 years34,682
60-69 years21,893
70-79 years9,586
80+ years2,852
Generations in Household (C 2010)

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